7 inspiring ideas for the nursery

We can already feel spring beckoning and the sun inviting us to redecorate our home. Are you looking for some inspiration for your baby's future room? Or is it time for a makeover of the children's room? Follow these tips, and you can transform any room into a cosy sensory playroom in no time.

First things first... the walls! Wallpapered walls are back, and there’s plenty of choice of wallpaper so there is bound to be something that stands out for you. Not sure how you want to decorate the walls yet? Then go for a solid colour on the wall. You can always brighten it up later with a cool wall sticker!

Will your baby be in a co-sleeper with you for the first few months? It’s never too early to start thinking about the design of your baby's room! This way you can create a cosy corner complete with seat, an ideal place for comfortable breastfeeding or bottle feeding, or for cuddling and reading aloud...

nursery play mat arch

A soft play mat is ideal for babies who are still spending a lot of time on their backs and tummies at first. If you choose an Elodie play mat, you can be sure this is a lovely eye-catching addition to your home! The play mats are reversible, so you can regularly change the print or colour.

House of Elodie is the perfect example of upcycling. The sustainable house is designed in such a way that you can initially use it as a baby-gym or play arch, before turning it into a fun play tent, and finally transforming the house into a trendy clothes rack. This way, you and your children can enjoy it for years!

nursery night light

A night light is much more than a simple mood light in the dark. Yumi Yay night lights really steal the scene during the day and immediately brighten up any child's room. The different, timeless colours allow you and your little one to choose a different animal or colour every day to suit your mood! The lamp is also very useful for night feeds.

nursery storage basket duvet

Elodie named their practical, beautiful storage basket "Store My Stuff". And it makes perfect sense! As well as storing toys, the basket also lends itself perfectly to providing a funky storage space for all kinds of baby blankets and cuddly toys... you can even use it as a fab laundry basket. With Store My Stuff, anything is possible!

There is no greater feeling than crawling into a fresh, spring-like bed in the evening. And the same goes for your baby too! These Elodie duvet sets brighten up your baby’s room, giving it a fresh look. Why not mix and match, before finishing it off with one of the many soft blankets!  


Looking for some extra inspiration for your baby’s room? Pinterest is the perfect place to discover great décor and interior ideas. Make a separate board for the new kids’ room and pin it!

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