How to choose the right sleeping bag

To make the right choice in terms of sleeping bag, it is useful to understand the TOG value, or Thermal Overall Grade. With this, you can perfectly determine which thickness of sleeping bags you should choose, to create a comfortable sleeping environment! In this blog, you will find all about TOG value(s) and its importance.

What does TOG mean?

The TOG value indicates the insulating property(s) of a fabric. It indicates how effectively a fabric retains heat and regulates body temperature. As far as (swaddle) sleeping bags are concerned, TOG is used to indicate warmth and suitability for different room temperatures.

Why is it so important?

Babies are sensitive to temperature changes and so a comfortable sleeping environment is very important. Baby sleeping bags - made of durable materials - with an appropriate TOG value helps them to regulate their body temperature and prevent overheating or chilling.

In addition, the correct use of sleeping bags with an appropriate TOG value ensures a comfortable and safe sleeping environment, improving sleep quality. In short, a better night's sleep for everyone!

How does it work?

TOG value 0.2 and 0.3 is the 'cool(est) sleeping bag', it is very suitable in hot weather, and room temperatures between 21 and 26°C. In short, the perfect summer sleeping bag for the warmer months! 1.0 TOG is the ideal four-season sleeping bag for room temperatures between 19 and 25°C.

Then you have 2.5 TOG, or the 'warm sleeping bag', for room temperatures between 15 and 21°C, ideal for spring, fall and winter seasons. The 'warmest sleeping bag' is 3.5 TOG, for room temperatures between 14 and 19°C. In short, a real winter sleeping bag and perfect for colder climates!

Overview TOG
Overview TOG

How do you choose the right TOG value?

Determine the average room temperature to choose the most suitable sleeping bag. Did you know that each ergoPouch product comes with a handy thermometer and changing guide? This way you can easily determine the recommended TOG value and how many layers of clothing are recommended for each sleeping moment. Would you like an extra layer for those slightly colder nights in the 'in-between season'? Then the Arm Warmers are ideal to wear over a sleeveless sleeping bag!

Choosing the right size and fit is also very important! We recommend to follow the weight and age guidelines when choosing a suitable swaddling or classic sleeping bag.

To make your search easier, we recently developed the following overview of all our sleeping bags so you can easily find your 'match'!


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