General Conditions

1. General
The conclusion of a sales agreement with BABYmatters bv implies by law the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale, which form an integral part thereof. Except in the event of deviations, accepted explicitly and in writing by BABYmatters bv, these general terms and conditions of sale will, without reservation, even in the event of a conflict, take precedence over the provisions on the documents originating from the buyer. The buyer declares to have explicitly taken note of these terms and conditions and to accept all provisions.

2. Offers
Offers are not binding unless otherwise specified. The agreement is only concluded after written confirmation or at the start of implementation.

3. Orders
Each order is subject to the general terms and conditions of BABYmatters bv. By placing their signature on the order form or by placing a telephone order or order by fax or e-mail, the buyer declares to have taken note of the terms and conditions of sale and to agree to them. Any cancellation of the order by the customer must be in writing. It is only valid with written acceptance by BABYmatters bv and with compensation for the loss of profit, the costs incurred and with a minimum of 20% of the agreed price.

4. Prices
Our prices are in Euros and always include VAT. All our prices, however stated, can be adjusted without prior notice in the event of fluctuations in one or more components of our cost price, such as an increase in purchase prices, salaries, social and tax charges or any other objectively measurable circumstance.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, every quotation applies to deliveries in the warehouses of BABYmatters bv, whereby our performance is limited to individualizing the merchandise. If BABYmatters bv is responsible for transport or organization of transport, the price will be invoiced to the buyer.

5. Discounts
Discount codes are handed out during promotional activities and cannot be ordered. If you have a discount coupon you can use it on the website at the checkout of your shopping cart. The discount is automatically deducted once you have applied it. * Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions. * The discount code is valid as long as the system allows it. * The discount code cannot be used for orders already placed * You can submit 1 discount code per reservation * The discount voucher cannot be redeemed at partners of BABYmatters bv.

6. Delivery period
The delivery period that appears on our quotations is for information purposes only. A delay in delivery never means that the buyer is entitled to compensation at the expense of BABYmatters bv, nor does it justify the termination of the agreement, unless agreed upon in writing by both parties in advance. In case of force majeure, BABYmatters bv is released from its obligation to deliver.

7. Delivery and risk transfer
Unless stipulated otherwise, delivery takes place in the warehouses of BABYmatters bv in 2500 Lier, Joseph Van Instraat 30. The buyer will collect the goods at the latest ten calendar days after the notification that the goods are at his disposal. In the event of negligence, storage costs can be invoiced. From the delivery onwards, i.e. from leaving the warehouses of BABYmatters bv onwards, the buyer bears all risks with regard to the goods sold, in particular all risks of transport, even if this happens on behalf of or by BABYmatters bvba.

8. Title retention
The delivered goods remain the property of BABYmatters bv until full payment of the principal, interest, costs and other charges. As long as the delivered goods are not paid for, the buyer is not permitted to use or process them, to transfer them into ownership, or to encumber them with a right in rem which makes it impossible to declare them or take them back.

9. Payment
All invoices can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. The package will only be sent after payment has been received by us on account number BE45 3630 7964 1989 - BIC BBRUBEBB (ING)

10. Acceptance
The goods are deemed to have been accepted by the buyer eight calendar days after delivery, unless there is an accurately described and detailed complaint in accordance with art. 10 of the present general terms and conditions. Acceptance covers all visible defects, that is to say, all defects that the buyer could have detected by careful checking at the time of delivery or during the following eight calendar days, and covers defects regarding the functioning and characteristics of devices.

11. Guarantee
Unless a different period has been agreed in writing, the goods are guaranteed against hidden defects for three months from delivery or from the day on which the goods were to be taken. The guarantee is also limited in any case to the guarantee provided by the manufacturer or supplier. The responsibility of BABYmatters bv is limited to replacing the goods delivered by us and, if this is not possible, to reimbursement of the cost price.

12. Complaints
In order to be valid, complaints must be formulated by registered letter, which must arrive at the registered office of BABYmatters bv at the latest eight days after delivery of the goods. Submitting a complaint does not relieve the customer of his payment obligations. No product may be returned without prior written approval from BABYmatters bv.

13. Liability 
BABYmatters bv cannot be held liable for accidents that may occur when using the products, goods and equipment supplied by BABYmatters bv. Babymatters cannot be held liable for any consequential damage, both human damage and any other damage that would result directly or indirectly from the goods sold, both with regard to the buyer and third parties.

14. Disputes
All disputes are governed by Belgian law and will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Antwerp, without prejudice to the right of BABYmatters bv to sue in the courts of the place of residence and / or the registered office of the buyer.

15. Technical information
The technical information given is only given for information purposes and is based on the information provided by the manufacturer. BABYmatters bv cannot be held responsible for any deviations or inaccuracies.

16. Divisibility
The possible invalidity or invalidity of one of the provisions of these general terms and conditions does not affect the validity and applicability of the other clauses.

17. Not satisfied?
Not satisfied with your shipment? You have the option to return the items within 14 working days of delivery. You can choose to exchange the goods or have them refunded (the shipping costs will be deducted).

Incomplete, damaged, soiled or used items without original packaging will not be reimbursed.

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