Baby care: 8 bathroom essentials

When you're a brand new mom or dad it takes a bit of figuring out in those first days what you do or do not need for your baby. That is why our BABYmatters team has selected a few bathroom must-haves for children between 0 and 2 years!

Changing mat with cute changing mat cover: Changing diapers is not exactly the most glamorous part of being a parent. However, with a nice changing mat cover you can certainly brighten up those diaper changes!

Elodie changing mat cover Dotbox

2-in-1 Dot.Box: This handy storage box contains a wipes dispenser on one side and room to store all kinds of baby-care items such as a thermometer, diaper cream, saline solution and much more on the other side.  This way you always have everything at hand on your changing table and in your diaper bag!

Practical baby bathtub: The OXO Tot collapsible baby bathtub is incredibly practical due to its non-slip silicone bottom, integrated baby insert and its compact size!

Elodie hooded towel OXO toy bin bath

Soft baby towels: After bath time it is important to dry off your baby as soon as possible. A hooded towel is perfect for keeping your little one's head warm. And a muslin cloth is great to dry carefully between the skin folds.

Bath toy bin: Once your little one can sit up confidently, they are ready for some bath time fun . The OXO Bath Toy Bin scoops up bath toys easily and lets them air dry quickly .

It's also not a bad idea for your baby checklist or registry to already feature some bathroom must-haves for toddlers:

Comfortable potty: Time for potty training? Then a comfortable and practical potty is indispensable. The OXO Tot Potty Chair features an easy-to-clean, removable potty and is easy to move around because of the handle in the back. There is also enough room on the sides so your little one can push herself back up.

OXO potty step stool

Step stool: If your little one is old enough to brush their teeth or wash their hands, a step stool is the easiest way to give them a little boost! The OXO Tot Step Stool has a non-slip layer on the top and the base and is on average 3 cm higher than most step stools.

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