Protect your unborn baby with the BeSafe pregnancy belt

Can you protect your baby while in the car before they are even born? Yes, you can! By using the BeSafe Pregnant belt, you can protect yourself and your baby if you have to brake suddenly or you’re involved in an accident. How? Read on to find out!

Wearing a seat belt is mandatory, even for pregnant women. But by using the BeSafe seatbelt guide for pregnant women, you can increase safety for your unborn child during car trips. The belt can be used from the second month of pregnancy. In the event of an impact, the BeSafe Pregnant belt ensures that no extra pressure is put on your uterus and baby, but on your hips. This way, your little one is protected from any injuries!

How does it work?

BeSafe Pregnant is a belt guide for pregnant women that positions the vehicle seatbelt neatly in place below the pregnant woman’s tummy. It looks just like a soft cushion that you can easily attach to the seat of your car. The BeSafe Pregnant iZi FIX is even made so that you can attach it to the ISOfix points on the back seat of your car!

Quick guide:

  1. Place the cushion on the seat of the car seat.
  2. Either click the fastening strap into place around the back of the car seat, OR attach the connectors to the ISOfix anchorages on the vehicle seat.
  3. Sit down and ensure that the lap belt collector on the cushion is between your legs.
  4. Put on your seat belt in the usual way.
  5. Open the poppers of the collector, place the lap belt of your belt inside it, and click the poppers into place.
  6. Now you’re all set for a safe road trip!

Tested by the BABYmatters team

2021 is also a baby boom year at BABYmatters. This spring, our BABYmatters family is due to be expanded by two additional members. The ideal moment to test a number of products from our range ourselves!

It's no secret that we consider safety to be of paramount importance. The BeSafe Pregnant is the first product that our colleagues Eline and Caro were allowed to test during their pregnancy. Have a look at their reviews:

Eline: “I started using the BeSafe Pregnant when I became pregnant.  Ever since the start of my pregnancy, I couldn't stand much pressure on my tummy and so this pregnancy belt made driving the car a little more pleasant. I'm actually super happy because not only does the BeSafe Pregnant keep my baby safe, but it's also super comfortable for me!”

Caro: “I’m not really the type to read the instructions before using a product, so at first I didn’t understand how to connect the lap part of my belt to the BeSafe Pregnant. I put this lack of understanding down to my pregnancy, because it's actually a piece of cake to thread the seat belt through the belt collector! Although I must say that sometimes it's a bit of trial and error now that I can't see much underneath my pregnant belly. (laughs)”

“I feel a lot safer in the car using the BeSafe Pregnant. If I suddenly have to brake abruptly in the car, I feel nothing around the level of my uterus, which is perfect!”

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