Our little friends

Yumi Yay Finn bird

Finn is the smallest of the Yumi Yay friends, but you can’t miss her. You can hear her cheerful chatter from afar, because Finn is full of smart plans and crazy ideas.

Finn loves flying competitions and nut hunts, but also reading books and telling little facts about it to anyone who wants to hear it.

And did you know that Finn can also sing super well? Finn is crazy about her friends and will always be there for them when they need help. Then she would come up with an ingenious plan to solve the problem, and that is precisely why her friends sometimes call her "Fantastic Finn"!

But when Finn's mum asks her to clean up her nest ... then Finn will make a run for it. Ready for a new adventure!

Yumi Yay Otti elephant

Otti is such a sweet elephant, but he is also afraid of many things! The others often think that Otti is tough because he is so big, but that is actually not true at all.

Otti can be very timid and sometimes likes to hide behind his friends. They don't mind, because Otti might be a bit shy, he is always very sweet. And: very strong! Otti likes to use his muscles. He helps his mum and dad in the jungle drag trees and branches, to turn it into a treehouse. 

By the way, that good old Otti almost never gets angry ... unless he loses a speed race to Finn again. But then Finn and Otti would eat some fruit together - Finn would eat just one apple, and Otti would eat thirty apples! -, Finn would tell a joke and they would be best friends again!

Yumi Yay Tika monkey

Tika is the funniest of the Yumi Yay gang of friends. She makes the craziest faces, and likes to use her long tail to pull pranks. If Tika is standing next to you and someone is tapping your shoulder ... then you know who it was! But ... you can easily prank Tika back, because she believes everything her friends tell her!  

Tika is very sporty and loves gymnastics. You often see her swinging and tumbling through the trees and she always lands on her feet! 

Tika really likes banana milkshake, but when it's time to brush her teeth and go to sleep ... she jumps away quickly! Tika thinks sleeping is boring, and can't wait for the sun to rise to play with her friends again!

Yumi Yay Billy bear

And Billy? Shhhhh! Billy is snoring! This sleepy bear is really the opposite of his friend Tika, because what Billy likes most is…. lazing around. Billy loves to snuggle up to mom or dad and to cuddle when they read him a story. Billy's friends also always get a big bear hug whenever they want. But be careful, Billy! Don't squeeze too hard! 

Make no mistake, this cheerful bear is not always lounging around. When Billy feels rested, he also loves to splash and play in the river. He can spend hours splashing and playing in the water. Except for in the bath tub. He doesn’t like taking a bath at all. The soap burns his eyes and he gets cold and that is something he is not fond of at all. Luckily, after bath time, daddy takes a big towel to completely wrap him in and then he gives him a big daddy hug that takes all the sorrows away!

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