4 x entertaining your kids on a trip

A week-end in the Ardennes or a week at the beach, going on trips with kids is exciting, but also challenging. We love giving these four tips / products to keep your kids entertained during car rides, after a plunge in the water or before bedtime.


The TIMIO Audio Player is a real hit with young children, and also their parents! No wonder it won the Baby Innovation Award 2021 (Toys & Gifts)! TIMIO is an interactive and educational audio player that gives years’ worth of screenless play. Learn about the different animals, the alphabet, the colors, listen to fairy-tales and sing along with your favorite songs!

How does it work?
The durable TIMIO Player comes with a disc pack of five discs. Turn on your TIMIO and place a disc on top. Indicate the figure you would like to learn more about, or put the game in quiz mode and search the word that was asked. Tired of your discs? No problem! Extend your disc set collection or play the same discs in a different language.

You can play the TIMIO discs in eight languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian. This option makes the fun endless and it’s great for multilingual education or upbringing. Do you have a holiday planned in Spain with your kids? Learn some words together beforehand.

TIMIO audio player entertainment for kids on a trip

Convenient on the go
The TIMIO comes in handy on trips! Your child can easily carry him with the handle. Also on public transportation TIMIO is ideal! Connect the TIMIO headphone for silent fun. The TIMIO discs are collected in storage pouches. Even handier: the TIMIO backpack! The perfect collection point of all your kid’s TIMIO items.

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A soft cuddly toy is a must-have for each child! A blankie has various advantages for babies and children? It provides your child with comfort, reassurance and helps develop self-reliance. Your child’s cuddly toy probably also often plays the main part in the most imaginative stories.

Elodie’s blinkies are real best-sellers! The cute little bunnies are made from 100% cotton and, therefore, super soft! Who would you pick for your child: Bo, Goldie, Coco or Belle? Discover all colors here.

Elodie blinkie entertaining kids on a trip cuddly toy

Bubble Buddy

A plunge in bath after a playday in the sand! Bubble Buddy ensures hours of fun in bath.

How does it work?
Bubble Buddy consists of two parts: a blue shark with moving tail and a little green fish for the bath foam. Fill up the little green fish with bath foam, aim for the blue shark and create as many foam in your bath as possible!

Bubble Buddy entertainment kids on a trip bath fun toy

Yumi Yay

After a busy day full of adventures, it’s really nice to unwind together in the evening. Read a little book together or share a fairy-tale and turn on your child’s favorite nightlight at bedtime. Sleeping in a new place can be scary for your little one. Their favorite Yumi Yay nightlight loves keeping them company! Choose between Otti, Finn, Tika and Billy.

Safe, FUNctional and nice design
Yumi Yay’s nightlight has two interchangeable silicone covers: Otti and Finn, or Billy and Tika. The Belgian brand Yumi Yay is child-oriented and created colored nightlights that are safe for little children’s hands, mouths and eyes. The covers are made from food-grade silicone, the light is LED and the design is wireless! Your child can take the nightlight everywhere.

Yumi Yay nightlights entertainment children on a trip

How does it work?
Twist it and tap it! Is your little light fully charged? Twist the light and put one of the animal covers on it. Tick softly on top of the light for the different light modes:

  • Mode 1: 40 minutes of bright light
  • Mode 2: 20 minutes softer light
  • Mode 3: soft light the whole night long

As the nightlight is wireless, your child can take it with them in bed or in the car. Has your nightlight’s battery gone dead? Place it on the bamboo charger, let it charge for three hours and enjoy another 20 hours of cozy light!

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Yumi Yay bedtime stories nightlight children


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