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Hurray! A brand new, Belgian brand! Welcome, Yumi Yay!

Team BABYmatters is very proud to announce a brand new arrival in its own house of brands. Drumroll… We launch Yumi Yay, a brand new Belgian lifestyle brand!

For years and years you have been finding everything you need at BABYmatters, from the moment you are pregnant until your baby goes to kindergarten. From pacifiers to baby carriers and car seats. But also baby nests, muslin blankets and toys. All our brands embody the same
top quality, and always meet the high demands regarding ergonomics, safety and design.

However… we still had a spot open. We lacked a local ecological lifestyle brand, and therefore we have developed one ourselves over the past year. Consequently, Yumi Yay is a creation of Team BABYmatters, and we are very proud of it.

What’s yumi yay?

Yumi Yay is so much more than just another new brand. Yumi Yay is a story, a concept, an experience. We are all parents and therefore the search for what we wanted to achieve with Yumi Yay started very close to home: with ourselves.

What do we always lack, being a mom or a dad? And what do we always want to have more of? We admit that ‘sleep’ could have been a correct answer, but there is one even stronger, which is: time.

We feel that we often have to hurry and rush, and that we have too few real valuable “we-moments” with our children. And that was the key, that is what Yumi Yay wants to create for the parents: meaningful moments, together with their children. Because you + me = we. Yay!

Which products can i find at yumi yay?

The Yumi Yay nightlights are the perfect friends for your little one. Thanks to their playful and colourful design, they’ll soon become indispensable in every kids room. They glow during the whole night, or dim automatically after 20 or 40 minutes. You can therefore choose how you configure the nightlight of your baby.

And what is cozier than reading a story together near the nice light of the Yumi Yay nightlight, just before going to sleep?

The Yumi Yay friends go on several adventures in our four story books, perfect to read to toddlers! Which animal friend suits your son or daughter? Fast Finn? Or maybe rather sleepy Billy or the shy elephant Otti? Or is your baby a real joker/jokester like Tika?

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