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Bye-bye to hot and sweaty car journeys, thanks to the Voksi Airflow Liner

The Airflow Liner is the latest product in the Voksi range, and already is an indispensable item on hot days. Planning a day trip with the car or buggy? Simply place the Airflow Liner in the car seat or buggy, to let your child enjoy a sweat-free trip. The liner grows with your child, meaning you can use it from birth until he is a toddler.

Every parent knows how sweaty a trip in the car or buggy can be for their child. The Voksi Airflow Liner makes this a thing of the past. The universal liner can be used in almost any type of car seat or stroller. This means you don't have to buy a new liner once you start using a different model.

The absorbent and quick-drying top layer ensures your child stays comfortable on hot days. The 3D mesh layer ensures good air flow, allowing the heat to disperse. All the materials used are also Oeko-Tex certified. Like all car accessories, the Airflow Liner has been submitted to crash tests. You can rest assured: this Voksi liner is safe for your child.

Bye-bye to hot and sweaty car journeys, thanks to the Voksi Airflow Liner

Did your child spill his drink or have a leaky diaper? No need to panic: the Airflow Liner is machine-washable at 40°C. This way, the liner keeps your car seat or buggy clean as well!

Ready for a fun and sweat-free day out? Check out the 2 available colours of the Voksi Airflow Liner.

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