5 things to consider when you are buying a baby nest

A baby nest is a standard item in your layette. It mimics the safe environment of the womb, and makes your baby feel safe and comfortable. But not all baby nests are safe. The Voksi nests are a forerunner in the field of safety. They satisfy all the points on our checklist for a safe baby nest!

1. Are the fabrics Oeko-Tex certified?

When a product has a Oeko-Tex Standard 1 certificate, you can be sure that all the materials used in the product are safe. All the elements are extensively tested: zippers, sewing yarn, fabrics, labels... everything!

Voksi aims for a sustainable product, and uses natural materials. The Scandinavian brand sees safety as a priority and therefore it was very important to get the Oeko-Tex Standard 1 certificate!

Is the Voksi baby nest Oeko-Tex certified? Check!

2. Loose parts

There are baby nests that allow you to broaden the outer ring using a string. However, to keep baby nests safe, loose strings are a no-no.

Are there no loose strings or cords on the Voksi baby nest? Check!

3. Breathable material

To minimise the risk of suffocation, the outer ring has to be extensive tested for breathability, according to a specific safety method, namely the BS 4578:1970 standard. This test examines the breathability and firmness of the baby mattress.

The mattress of the latest Voksi Premium baby nests – identified by the flying bird print - has a breathable 3D mesh layer. This guarantees air can flow through the fabric and foam.

Is the Voksi baby nest made using breathable material? Check!

5 things to consider when you are buying a baby nest Voksi

4. Firm mattress

Although your baby is not very heavy, the baby nest does have to have a sturdy, firm mattress.

The Voksi baby nest mattress has been tested in accordance with the EN-16890 standard, the baby mattress test. This standard indicates whether the mattress contains any elements that could hurt, restrict or suffocate the baby.

Does the Voksi baby nest have a firm mattress? Check!

5. Focus on design

In many (self-made) baby nests, you can see there is a space underneath the outer ring. To avoid your baby getting his face stuck underneath, the seam stitching has to be tighter, to ensure there is no space between the mattress and the outer ring. This guarantees maximum breathability and ensures that your baby gets enough air at all times.

This is one of the design elements that makes a Voksi baby nest so unique!

Has the Voksi baby nest been well stitched? Check!

Do you also want a safe nest for your baby? Check out the various models and colours of our Voksi baby nest range.

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