MODU encourages the development of your child through 'active play'!

With MODU, our super soft building blocks, your child can actively play and train his/her motor skills. It is already possible for children aged 6 months until 6 years. MODU stays interesting for more than 5 years, because they play with it and also develop their motor skills, without them even noticing it!

How MODU exactly supports the development of your child? Well…

  1. Exercising power in the back and neck and the grab techniques
  2. Jumping and balancing
  3. Climbing and legwork
  4. Force and balance training
  5. Exercising how to intersect the body axes
  6. Stretching et yoga

When children play, build, create and invent constructions with MODU blocks, they develop motor skills. That is because they often use their whole body to build creations. They stretch, lift, turn, and fit the pieces together – and that is how they really develop their motor skills. This way of playing is called active play, and a child benefits a great deal from it during his/her physical development.

A baby of 6 months old obviously has other motor skills than a toddler of 4 years old, but they can both be challenged by exactly the same MODU blocks. For your baby you build a cart with wheels, where he can lay on to train his little neck. For your toddler you build a train so he can race. And for a six-year-old you build.. nothing. Because he/she will want to  get to work himself/herself! But maybe you will still be allowed to help him/her with that one big tower.. 😉

MODU encourages the development of your child through active play

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