Hurray! Celebrate juvenile book month with the Yumi Yay books!

Hurray, we’ll be celebrating Juvenile Book Month between 1 and 31 March! Because admit it, there’s nothing better than your children entering a fantasy world for a while. This year’s theme is art so perhaps, you can go through some books about art with your children. Or do you prefer to learn magic with one of Harry Potter's books? Perhaps your child likes to read search books and you’re going to search for Wally? Or .... perhaps submerging yourself in the world of Yumi Yay is a good idea? 

Because there’s something new in the world of children’s books, the adventures of Yumi Yay’s Friends! We like to introduce your child to these lovely books.

Discover the adventures of the four Yumi Yay friends in these wonderful books!

Otti, Finn, Tika and Billy, four friends, live among the trees of the Yumi Yay forest. They’re all unique (just like your child) but they are best friends. Who will your child’s favourite be? Which story will you read first?

Finn is a very fast bird who likes to race her friends. One day, her friends Otti, Tika and Billy are standing underneath Finn's nest. And Finn herself? She’s sitting on a branch, sulking. Her mum and dad have told her she can’t play with her friends. She has to clean up first. But Finn really doesn’t feel like doing it.  Want to know how ‘Finn and the cleaning race’ ends? Discover the story here!

Otti is the biggest of the Yumi Yay friends but also ... the most frightened one. And it bothers him a lot, he’s slightly embarrassed about it. Fortunately, Finn, Tika and Billy always reassure him that there’s nothing wrong with being frightened. Everyone’s frightened at times, right? Find out about the things that frighten Otti in ‘Otti is a bit frightened’.

Billy! Billy!! Get up! Billy is a very sleepy little bear, he enjoys taking naps in the sun. And swimming in the river! But do you know what Billy doesn’t like? Taking a bath! Because the soap stings his eyes, the water’s very wet and he doesn’t like washing his hair and no, Billy doesn’t enjoy taking a bath at all. Fortunately, Finn, Otti and Tika have an idea! Read ‘Billy doesn’t like taking baths’ to find out how the Yumi Yay friends tackle this problem.

And finally, there’s Tika ... the craziest monkey in the Yumi Yay forest! Tika loves playing jokes so much that she even goes out at night to prank her friends. But do her friends like it as much? And isn’t it about time to prank Tika herself? You and your child can find out by reading ‘Tika likes to play jokes’.

And here’s something else. The Yumi Yay books are also search books! Can you find the duck? The squirrel? And what about the mouse and the snail?

We hope you enjoy reading these books!

These four books were written by Hanne Luyten and come with wonderful illustrations by Didier Quoistiaux. They are suitable for children aged 0 to 4, while older children will discover they are perfect starter books.

Every Yumi Yay friend is also available as a cheerful and colourful night lamp. Discover the two different sets here.

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