Toys that are durable, safe and, in addition, they make sure that your child plays actively in order to develop his or her motor skills. Toys that will last for years and that challenge babies as from the age of 6 months until the age of 6 years? The dream of every parent.. but does it exist? Of course! Look no further, because MODU is what you are looking for.

MODU is a modular system of blocks that you can interconnect and build into all kinds of constructions and game features. Sleek and clean, in neutral basic colors, with small color accents. You can immediately tell by the minimalist design: MODU has Scandinavian roots. It is developed in Copenhagen, by a team of young people which had only one goal in mind, creating the modular blocks: to design durable and playful toys, which help children to develop and support their motor skills.



MODU encourages the development of your child through 'active play'!

With MODU, our super soft building blocks, your child can actively play and train his/her motor skills. It is already possible for children aged 6 months until 6 years. MODU stays interesting for more than 5 years, because they play with it and also develop their motor skills, without them even noticing it!

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Playing indoors with your children? Long live MODU!

Are your children fed up with playing outside? Don’t feel like reading another book or is screen time up? The BABYmatters Team has the ultimate tip to keep your children entertained indoors for hours, because our durable MODU toy blocks are guaranteed to give children between 0 and 6 hours of fun!

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Modu, the new innovating toy that you want to have at home!

During the St Nicholas and Christmas period, for birthdays and in times of newyear’s letters, each parent is especially looking for fun durable toys. Preferably toys that will last for years and which are decent, safe and never get boring. THE dream of every parent (and child)… but does it exist? Of course! Our brand new brand MODU is exactly what you are looking for!

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5 reasons why parents think that modu is the best toy for their kids

It’s logical that your children are going completely crazy for our soft modular blocks of MODU. It gives them endless gaming fun, and the blocks will be interesting for many years. Your child grows, on motor and mental level, but the possibilities with MODU will continue to appeal to them. Moreover, they are allowed to literally throw themselves on MODU. The soft blocks are a real physical challenge, and children love ‘active play’! But why will you, as a parent, also totally fall for MODU? You read it here

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3 reasons why children will love the MODU blocs!

Do you already know MODU? The new toys for children as from 6 months until the age of 6. The soft MODU blocks are incredibly durable, because they last for years. Ideal for parents who are tired of the fact that children outgrow expensive toys very fast, simply because they need other motor challenges. Parents are therefore fan of MODU, but what makes MODU so special for children?

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