about MODU

MODU is a modular system of soft blocks, plastic pegs and wheels, which you can interconnect and convert into all kinds of constructions and play opportunities.

It was developed in Copenhagen, by a team of young people who had only 1 goal in mind when creating it: to design educational and sustainable toys that help develop and support motor skills in children.

MODU blocks are made of sturdy but soft EPP Foam, a durable and high-quality material, manufactured in Europe and 100% recyclable.


active play

MODU is a durable toy en can be used by children from 6 months up until 6 years. The modular system of blocks encourages 'active play' and stimulates the development and the coordination of young children. 

open ended toy

MODU is a sustainable and open-ended toy, and the game never has a fixed ending. This stimulates the creativity and cognitive functions, such as planning and solving problems. Everyone can play with the soft blocks, which means that children can also play together with their parents, siblings, friends...


modu benefits

Open ended play Stimulates creativity and imagination
Suitable from 0 to 6 years Durable materials
Educational toy Different extension kits available


Gift idea: Educational fun toys for children ages 2 and up

Looking for sustainable challenging toys for your child, grandchild or niece? The modular toys MODU and the edutainment of TIMIO contribute to the development of the child. In addition, they are toys that also last from approx. 2 to 6 years! Both MODU and TIMIO work with extensions, which is also a handy gift idea 😉 Find out below why these two top products make ideal gifts for Christmas or a birthday.

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Is your child going to daycare or preschool? These handy products make it easy for both parent and child

We selected the most useful products to make the life of parents and kids easier during a year of school or daycare. From things your child can take with them to products that make your life as a parent easier in the morning and evening. Besides this, we’ll give some nice present ideas to stimulate your child through play after school and to wind down together before bedtime.

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Build the most insane creations together with your child with the MODU blocks and extensions! Open-ended fun from 6 months up to 6 years

A toy you buy one time and enjoy a lifetime? That’s MODU! This open-ended modular toy grows with your child from the first steps with the walker to maintaining balance on the balance board and ‘the floor is lava’ with different blocks. Fun for children to play alone, with other kids of different ages or with parents, aunts or grandparents!

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Gift idea – sustainable toys for babies and small children

Looking for a great gift for your baby, child, grandchild, nephew or niece? How about sustainable toys? Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Not only are we helping to make a better planet, but sustainable toys last a lot longer!

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3 fun storage solutions for MODU blocks

The soft MODU blocks are a hit with lots of children and parents. They get children moving and stimulate their creativity. MODU is not only good to boost their motor skills, but because of the many building possibilities, the system is very easy to store away. We offer some original ideas for storing MODU in a fun and practical way and integrate it in your interior.

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The three reasons to buy your baby essentials locally

More people now want to shop local, and that’s a good thing! It allows you to support the local economy, the hardworking entrepreneurs in your own town, city or neighbourhood. Going to local shops is always a good idea. If you are still in doubt, we can hopefully convince you, because when it comes to baby shopping, there are three reasons why shopping locally (or in the web shop of a local entrepreneur!) is better.

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