Gift idea: Educational fun toys for children ages 2 and up

Looking for sustainable challenging toys for your child, grandchild or niece? The modular toys MODU and the edutainment of TIMIO contribute to the development of the child. In addition, they are toys that also last from approx. 2 to 6 years! Both MODU and TIMIO work with extensions, which is also a handy gift idea 😉 Find out below why these two top products make ideal gifts for Christmas or a birthday.

Open-ended fun with MODU

From a step to a cool race car! With the soft MODU blocks and rods, your child will build the coolest things. MODU is a young Danish company that has already captured many children's hearts (and parents' hearts 😉 ) in a short time! The modular toys have also won several awards (Red Dot Design Award 2019, Innovation Award 2019, German Design Award special 2022, ...).

What is an open-ended toy? Very briefly, it's a toy that offers a lot of possibilities. With MODU, your child can build things to play with, but also practical things like a chair or table. The possibilities are endless. Open-ended toys go as far as your child's creativity and ideas go. As a result, children of different ages can play with them for a very long time and they will last a long time.

> How does MODU stimulate your child's development?

MODU is all about active play! The toy encourages children to move and play actively. Bye bye iPad 😉 Through the modular system of this toy, MODU stimulates your child's development in multiple areas:

  • Motor skills
  • Creative skills
  • Coordination
  • Cognitive functions such as planning and problem solving

> How sustainable is this modular toy?

The product development of MODU looked for a durable design that lasts a long time. Because of the many play possibilities with the MODU blocks, your child will remain interested in this toy for a long time and it will last a long time. Robust, resistant and safe materials were also sought for the materials:

  • Harmless EVA foam for the blocks
  • 100 % recyclable ABS plastic for the rods

> Characteristics

  • Soft blocks, plastic rods and wheels
  • Different building sets and extensions
  • For children from 6 months up to 6 years
  • Infinite playing pleasure
  • Fun to play alone, with other children or with mum/dad
  • Clean with soap and water or in the dishwasher

Discover the different building kits here.

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Gift idea: Educational fun toys for children ages 2 and up - MODU blocks open ended

Educational entertainment with TIMIO

TIMIO is a real hit with both child and parent! This educational and interactive audio player hasn't been on the market for long and, like MODU, has already won several awards (Baby Innovation Award 2021, Mom's Choice Awards 2022, ...). The player is completely screenless and only works with sound and LED lights. So how does it work? Put a magnetic disc of your choice on the player and discover new words, songs, stories or fairy tales. The TIMIO player always comes with 5 discs included. You can expand with other disc sets. Going on a journey? TIMIO can easily be taken on a plane, a car or a train. Connect the headphones and your child can play silently.

> How does TIMIO stimulate your child's development?

TIMIO provides interactive learning fun for children from 2 to 6 years. With the different magnetic discs your child will learn many new words. The biggest development will be at the language level. With the interactive mode (quiz mode) your child will learn to link image and word. This toy is also ideal for multilingual education. Below we give the different benefits in terms of development of the child:

  • Language development
  • Multilingual education
  • Stimulates the senses

> How sustainable is TIMIO?

The TIMIO audio player is a technological toy and therefore not made of natural materials. Nevertheless we can certainly call TIMIO durable. The design and concept of the toy has been developed to last for years. From white noise sounds to fairy tales, TIMIO is ideal for children from baby to about 6 years! The audio player is very robust and can withstand a bump. Is your child tired of playing the discs? Put them in one of the seven other languages!

> Characteristics

  • Interactive and educational audio and music player
  • Screen-free (only sound and LED lights)
  • Different magnetic discs (5 discs included with TIMIO player, 4 expansion sets)
  • From 2 years old to 6 years old (to be used earlier under parental supervision)
  • Each disc can be played by your child in 8 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese-Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Easy to carry (handle + headphone jack)

Discover the TIMIO Player here.

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Gift idea: Educational fun toys for children ages 2 and up - TIMIO player language development


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