Which Elodie Footmuff should I choose for my baby?

Are you pregnant with your first child? Or are you looking for a nice footmuff for your toddler? Protect your child against cold, wind and rain/snow with one of the beautiful footmuffs from Elodie. BABYmatters gladly helps you to choose a nice footmuff!

Whether it's a chilly spring evening at the seaside or a walk on a cold winter's day; a good footmuff is a handy item to keep your child nice and warm all year round. Just put it in the car seat or stroller and it will stay nicely in place. So you don't have to worry about loose blankets falling on the floor. This is a must-have for your baby!

Elodie stroller bags

Swedish brand Elodie specialises in all kinds of lifestyle products for babies and children. The Scandinavian brand has its own style and is often ahead of the trends. And that is also reflected in their extensive range of footmuffs.

The footmuffs can be used up to 3 years of age and are made of top quality materials so they last and last. They have two zips, which makes it easy to get your child in and out of the footmuff and you can also fold the top part to get some air.

Elodie classic footmuff stroller bag portable car seat

Footmuff for (portable) car seat

This small and soft footmuff is used for the first few months of your child's life, up to around 6 months. The pointed hood of the footmuff is very cute and has a handy zip.

Newborns cannot yet regulate their own body temperature. This means that babies can easily get too hot or too cold. So it's important to dress your child properly, according to the inside or outside temperature and a footmuff like this one is ideal!


This classic footmuff is one of Elodie's most popular items and is available in several beautiful colours and prints. The footmuff received the Global Recycled Standard certificate because it's made of recycled materials and produced in a sustainable way.

This footmuff from Elodie is ideal to use in combination with your stroller or buggy. The footmuffs are warm and soft inside and have a BIONIC-FINISH® ECO* finish which makes the outside wind and water repellent.

Love natural materials? Then the classic footmuff with a soft outer shell is for you. The outside is partly made of wool, an extra warm and breathable material. This version is available in three colours: Pure Khaki, Burned Clay and Tweed.

Tip: The beautiful Minnesota Green stroller bag has one central zip instead of two separate ones.

*BIONIC-FINISH® ECO makes the outside of the footmuff water-repellent, without the use of hazardous substances such as fluorocarbon and formaldehyde. This fabric mimics the action of plants and feathers, making it highly water-repellent.

Elodie wool footmuff stroller bag convertible stroller insert

Convertible footmuff + buggy insert

This footmuff is a buggy insert and a footmuff in one. When it gets too hot, you can unzip the top and use the buggy insert separately to protect your stroller from dust and dirt.

Light footmuff with down

This luxurious, durable footmuff by Elodie is filled with light down. This natural material surrounds your child with warmth on the one hand, but is also extremely breathable on the other. Moreover, this material allows you to fold the footmuff in a very compact way.

Elodie light footmuff stroller bag convertible

Footmuff/baby winter suit

Thanks to the zip between the legs, you can turn this footmuff into a warm winter suit in no time! This way you can easily put your child in the car seat or buggy and there is no hassle with the straps. The feet are closed at the bottom to keep them nice and warm (so it's not a children's ski suit!). These suits are available in two sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12 months.

Whether you like lovely prints or neutral colours, you're sure to find a footmuff to suit your family at Elodie!

Looking for a sustainable footmuff made of natural materials? Don't forget to check out the beautiful footmuffs by Voksi!

Voksi footmuff stroller bag explorer natural fabrics


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