What do I need for a winter baby?

Are you expecting a baby in the fall or winter? Then you're definitely in the midst of putting together your birth list or wish list. In addition to the standard items you need for your newborn baby as a brand-new parent, there are items that are in particular more for a winter baby. Since the months are colder, your child will need warming but breathable items as well. Here we list 7 products that are essential for your winter baby!

1. Baby carriage or stroller

With these colder temperatures, you’d rather stay inside with your baby. Still, it's a very good idea to get some fresh air every day. What should not be missing then? A stroller or baby carriage, of course!

Look for a stroller that is easy for you as a parent and comfortable for your baby. During the winter months, a footmuff is essential for the stroller or baby carriage. This will keep your baby nice and warm.

-- Want a stylish stroller that is completely unique? The Mondo by Elodie not only has a unique beautiful design, it is also easy to fold and weighs only 6.7 kg! You can place a carrycot on the stroller to transport your baby for the first few months. But also a car seat fits on the frame of the Mondo baby carriage. Elodie releases new colors and products every season, which all match each other beautifully. This way you can put together a beautiful set of baby carriage and footmuff and create your unique look. Discover the Mondo here.

What do I need for a winter baby? - stroller carriage carrycot footmuff Elodie

2. Baby carrier

Do you prefer to keep your baby close to you during a walk? Then a baby carrier or sling is a good item to put on your list. Carrying your baby in the first few months after birth is good for skin-to-skin contact and thus works binding. Mama Roxanne tells more about it here.

Want a carrying system that you can put on independently and that doesn't require too much thought? Then look at the range of baby carriers rather than slings. Here we explain more about how to choose a good baby carrier.

-- BeSafe's Haven baby carrier is easy to put on by yourself. Thanks to the Flex-Shape Buckle, the baby carrier adjusts to the wearer, making it comfortable carrying for both child and parent. In the first months you carry your baby facing you. Later, the Haven allows you to carry your child facing forward or on your back. Starting in October, BeSafe also offers a baby carrier specially designed for newborns: the Newborn Haven. This baby carrier is as soft as a sling, but retains the user-friendliness of the Haven baby carrier. This new baby carrier is ideal for carrying your baby for the first year.

> tip from parents: do you already have children running around? Then a baby carrier is also useful indoors. You can soothe and let your baby sleep and at the same time you have your hands free for your other children or household chores.

What do I need for a winter baby? - baby carrier sling BeSafe Newborn Haven

3. Footmuff

A footmuff is a must-have for newborns all year round. Especially during colder days! Depending on your child's mode of transportation, there are different models of footmuffs. There are footmuffs designed specifically for use in the car seat, and there are footmuffs that can be used in the stroller or baby carriage. Whichever one you choose, go for a nice footmuff that is wind and water resistant and possibly lined with natural or recycled materials.

-- Elodie has beautiful footmuffs in different models: car seat footmuffs, footmuffs with arms, footmuffs for baby carriages and strollers. You can combine the footmuffs with the Mondo.

-- Scandinavian brand Voksi also has top quality footmuffs. They use only natural materials for their footmuffs such as wool and down. Discover their car seat footmuffs and stroller footmuffs.

> Tip from car seat manufacturers: do not place your child in a car seat with a winter coat. This is not very safe, as the belts are not tightened enough due to the thickness of the winter coat. Therefore, use a footmuff in the group 0 car seat! Read more here.

What do I need for a winter baby? - footmuff Elodie


4. Warm blankets

Colder days mean warm blankets! Not just for parents, but for babies too. Warm wool, soft recycled velvet fleece, cotton and blankets with multiple layers, find the cutest colors together. Wool is a good moisture and temperature regulator, so it''s not too warm during warmer winter days either.

-- Elodie has a wide range of blankets for babies and young children. The cozy wool blankets are breathable and moisture regulating. They are made of a blend of cotton and wool. The Pearl Velvet blankets are an invention of Elodie. These blankets are as soft as velvet and warm as fleece. The crinkled blanket is made of 6 layers of tetra cotton and nice and big (1m20 by 1m20). Elodie also has tetra cloths and hydrophilic bamboo blankets in different colors and prints. Mix and match!

> Tip from parents: be sure to get plenty of airy tetra cloths in the house. These always come in handy at bath time, feedings, naps, etc. Read more about the functions of hydrophilic cloths here.

What do I need for a winter baby? - Warm blankets wool Pearl Velvet Elodie


5. Hats for babies

Keep your newborn baby's head warm with a hat. Bonnets for newborn babies often have a ribbon to tie under your baby's chin.

-- The string bonnet from Elodie's "Welcome to the world" collection is light, breathable and super soft. It was made from jersey cotton. It comes in four soft colors: Mineral Green, Blushing Pink, Pure Khaki and Vanilla White. Would you prefer a hat made from a blend of wool and cashmere? Then this soft baby hat from Elodie is right for you.

What do I need for a winter baby? - hats for babies Elodie

6. Wipes dispenser

A real practicality for new parents: the wipes dispenser from OXO Tot! It has an aggravating element, so you can easily open the box with one hand and take a wipe while changing your baby's diaper. The box seals tightly so the wipes don't dry out. Going out and about? The wipes box also comes in travel size.


What do I need for a winter baby? - wipes dispenser OXO Tot

7. Diaper bag

A nursing bag or diaper bag allows you to easily carry everything you need as a parent. You can put a lot of items in it such as diapers, ointments, baby bottle, tetra cloths, cuddly blanket, pacifier and more. Discover our diaper bag checklist here.

-- Elodie's diaper bags are not only practical, but also very beautiful and stylish. You can use them afterwards as sports bags or handbags. Each diaper bag has an isothermal compartment for a bottle and a changing mat. There are also plenty of storage pockets provided for all your belongings. Discover the entire assortment here. Also check out the handy toiletry bags to stash small items, and a top product with new parents: the portable changing mat!

What do I need for a winter baby? - diaper bag Elodie


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