The Complete Changing Bag Checklist

If there is one thing you definitely need for your baby, it has to be a changing bag! A handy bag in which you can put all the things you need to look after your baby. The Elodie changing bags are not just practical, they are a real must-have for every hip mum. With our changing bag checklist, you'll have everything to hand to take care of your baby!

Baby things

Aside from nappies, wipes, extra clothes and food, there are plenty of ofter baby products you need to care for your baby:

  1. Changing mat: The Elodie changing mat is truly indispensable for changing nappies when you're on the go! The handy strap allows you to carry it on your wrist so you can keep your hands free for your baby. You can easily unfold and fold the mat with one hand and the storage pockets are perfect to carry a few nappies and wipes.
  2. Small toiletry bag: There is nothing more annoying than having all your nappy changing accessories jumbled up in your bag. Keep the small items together in the Zip & Go by Elodie.
  3. Bibs: If your baby is teething or if it's time for a snack, a cloth or a bib will certainly come in handy. Get a bib that has a waterproof layer inside, so the clothes stay dry.
  4. Muslin cloths: A wipe to clean up messes, a blanket, a back-up changing mat or a bib while feeding... a muslin cloth is useful always and everywhere!
  5. Pacifier: Just as you've sat down outside a café, your baby starts to cry... Then a pacifier can be a life-saver. Elodie has pacifiers in different colours, with different teats and they even come in bamboo. You can team them up with a pacifier clip. Discover the range here.
  6. Feeding spoon: Lunch time? For vegetable and fruit purees, a long spoon is the most practical tool. Did you know that the OXO Tot feeding spoon is also available as a handy travel set? And their storage containers are perfect for taking all those goodies with you spill-free.
  7. Drinking cup: The OXO Tot soft spout cup is perfect for on the road. No worries, thanks to the unique drinking system with almond-shaped spout there’s no chance of leaking.
Changing bag checklist

Big Brother/Sister Things

Are you taking more children out with you? Then it might be interesting to bring these items as well:

  • Something to drink: The Adventure Water Bottle from OXO Tot has an easy twist-off lid and is ideal for children aged 9 months or older.
  • Toys: The educational TIMIO audioplayer guarantees hours of fun for every child aged 2 years and up. Your child can even continue playing with headphones on.
  • Children's books: They are light and take up very little space: the Yumi Yay books. They are really nice for on the go and they will calm down the kids!

The best changing bag is not only practical, but also beautiful and timeless. This makes them perfect to also use as a handbag, weekend bag, sports bag, laptop bag and even as a shopping bag! That's why the Elodie bags are so amazing.

Apart from all the stuff we mentioned above, of course there are a lot of other things you need to take with you as well, and mum and dad also need their stuff when they're out and about. Download our complete changing bag checklist here and find out what you definitely shouldn't forget!

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