Safe babywearing on a hot day

From birth, babies crave skin-to-skin contact. Carrying your little one ergonomically in a baby carrier is the ultimate solution to comfort them or keep them close to your body. On hot days, however, this might not always seem easy. After all, babies are not yet able to regulate their body temperature properly, especially at extreme temperatures. The tips below will help you outsmart the summer heat and make babywearing as comfortable as possible for your baby and yourself!

Light clothing

A baby carrier is actually an extra layer of clothing. A bodysuit may be enough for your baby on hot days. A sun hat and sunglasses are no unnecessary luxury. What to do if the wind picks up? You can protect your baby with a muslin blanket or with the integrated sun cap of the Haven baby carrier.

safe babywearing on a hot day baby carrier Haven Peak Mesh BeSafe

Plan your walks

Do you go out with your little one every day? Then think carefully about the time and location of your walk. Avoid the hottest time of the day and go out in the morning or late evening, for example. It’s best to take a walk in the shade the trees in the forest or park instead – trees act as natural air conditioning – or go to the sea for a walk while enjoying a nice breeze.

The right carrier

The Haven baby carrier by BeSafe is available in breathable 3D Peak Mesh fabric. This ventilating fabric ensures a good airflow so your baby will not get warm so quickly.

A few more useful tips:

  • Put sunscreen on your baby’s skin before you put him in the baby carrier, so you can be sure that you have reached every spot.
  • Plan enough breaks to prevent you and your baby from overheating.
  • Keep a bottle of water handy for yourself. Bring a Soft Spout Sippy cup for your baby.
  • Need to freshen up? Wet a muslin and place it briefly against your child’s head or neck.
  • And finally: use your common sense!


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