The summer must haves for your (newborn) baby!

How do you survive your first summer with your newborn baby? In the shadow, that’s for sure. But there are also summer-proof products that make those summer days with small children just a little easier!

1. breathable, airy baby carrier

The warm weather can make your baby clingy. But how do you avoid this? By using an airy and breathable baby carrier! The BeSafe Haven baby carrier is available in breathable 3D Peak Mesh. Ideal, because you can attend to the need of your baby to be close to you and because of the breathable fabric, baby carrying doesn’t become sweaty. Security for your baby in the safe M-position, and comfort for you. Here comes summertime!

2. OXO tot Teething feeder

Imagine, the summer of 2019 will be one with a lot of heat waves. How will you keep your baby cool? Thanks to this OXO Tot teething feeder you can offer frozen fruit to your baby, without having to worry about aspiration. Your baby can happily suck on the fresh fruit and will this way absorb some extra fluid. What’s also great: it keeps them occupied for a while. Win-win on hot summer days!

summer must-haves for your baby BeSafe OXO Tot

3. Muslin blanket

Some time ago, mommy Amaury already wrote on our blog that muslin blankets are handy solutions in 101 different situations. But the most known and handy feature of those muslins in cool tetra is that they absorb fluids really well. Having a small baby, makes those muslin blankets really indispensable. To use as a towel after a refreshing bath or as a blanket in the pram. But also in a car seat, a muslin blanket can offer refreshment, absorbing liquid during sweaty car rides. And psst.. if you are looking for a muslin blanket with a gorgeous print, then I would recommend to certainly take a look at the ones of Elodie!

4. Insect and sun shield

One of the handiest features of our BeSafe car seats for newborns (groupe 0) is that they are part of a handy travel system. You click the car seats simply on the pram, and you can start exploring the world. Do you remember to provide your baby with the insect and sun shield? Especially when you stay in warmer climates, it’s indispensable. Annoying mosquitoes shouldn’t touch those adorable baby legs, right? And what’s even better, that’s the fact that the sun shield of this 2-in-1 system has a UPF of 50+!

summer must-haves for your baby Elodie BeSafe

5. compact Stroller

The practical must-have for small children this summer? Meet the Mondo by Elodie! This stroller is compact, hip and super handy! Ideal for walks in the city, quickly foldable with one hand, and super tiny and light in your car trunk. Choose your favourite colour or print, and take a look at all the matching extra's

summer must-haves for your baby Elodie Mondo stroller

And now.. let’s go on holiday!


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