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Muslin Magic!

Mommy Amaury couldn’t really picture it before she had a daughter of her own. Why do people use muslins? Now that Lucy is 1 year old, Amaury knows it really well!

I still hear myself asking the question to my colleague who’s in charge of the baby department: “I see that everyone has muslins, but why do you actually use those?” With her lovely Dutch accent, she responded reassuring: “Oh darling, for everything!” And really, after almost a year of motherhood, I can confirm: you can really use them for everything, the small and large sizes.

I use them:

  • As protection against the sun in the absence of a sun hat (because we left it at home): tie a small muslin on the little head as a scarf and it’s done.
  • In the stroller: as a light blanket, to lie on and to absorb sweat in the summer or as a darkening curtain (handy in combination with swaddle clips).
  • To lie on/sit on in the garden.
  • To swaddle: it’s wonderful to be able to create a womb-like atmosphere for your newborn.
  • To clean up poop, I’m not going to sugarcoat it here.
  • As mattress cover: when they sweat a lot or when they have a snotty nose, I think it’s practical to provide an extra layer at the headboard, so I have don’t have to change the cover of the mattress that often.
  • To clean the little mouth/nose, or as bib.
  • As an extra layer on the changing mat. The newborn poop which spreads everywhere can be cleaned up faster when you foresee a muslin.
  • As sweat-absorbing layer between mom and baby in a wrap or carrier.
  • As a towel to dry off a baby. Especially in the skin wrinkles, it’s better for little babies to dry them off with a soft muslin, in order to take good care of the delicate skin.
  • As a toy: there’s nothing more fun than playing peekaboo!

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