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How can I transport my child as safely as possible in the car?

That’s what mommy Tinneke was wondering with the arrival of her daughter Ellis. She put a group 0 car seat on her birthlist (and a bunch of other stuff), but she forgot… the group 1 car seat! BABYmatters to the rescue!

A birthlist. A wonderful invention! You mention everything you think you’ll need, and you ask your family, friends and friends of your family to buy the products on your list. *yay* That’s how you survive that first year. But when the 1st anniversary of Ellis came in sight, more and more things needed to be changed. "No more baby stuff, mom!"  And unfortunately.. Ellis never was a fan of her group 0 car seat. I have no idea why, but she turned out to be a real drama queen. Well, as Ellis is small but beautiful, she still fits in her car seat, but avoiding drama is key. Especially when you have to take your baby to daycare for example -before having your first coffee of the day. Self-care, you know 😉

Forward facing? No, thanks.

This past year, I have often been working as a copywriter on the social media account of a shop specializing in baby and kids products, so I did learn a thing or two about car seats and car safety. But honestly? The offer is gigantic so I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.. One thing was clear though: I wanted a rear-facing car seat and a car seat which had to be installed with the isofix system. Safety first! Because transporting your children rear-facing – even when they are not babies anymore- is 5 times safer, yes 5 times! Consequently, we found the Norwegian brand BeSafe and their izi Modular iSize car seat. You can keep your baby in a rear-facing position until he/she is about 105 cm (approximately until the age of 4 years). As Ellis is really small, she could be sitting in it until the age of 6 years, I think, hehe :D

The system is by the way adjustable in order to create more space for the legs, so she has plenty of space. You can put the car seat in a forward-facing position, but why would I? As long as Ellis is happy sitting in a rear-facing position, I am too.

Happy camper?

Absolutely! No more nagging. Ellis can still play whilst being attached in her car seat. She even sleeps in the car now and then, which she didn’t do anymore in her group 0 car seat. We are consequently over the moon. I can only recommend the BeSafe car seat. And, what’s even better: there are also BeSafe covers, which is practical during hot summers or when your baby is hungry (and leaves bread crumbs in the car seat) and wants to eat on the road!

Discover all BeSafe-carseats over here!

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