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“My baby’s finally asleep, but now we need to lift her out of the car seat. Help!”

Like many parents, Thomas and his wife often go out with their baby girl; Emma is nice and safe in her BeSafe car seat, and the stroller is in the car boot. But what if baby Emma is asleep when her dad wants to move her from the car seat to the stroller? Thomas explains…

“My wife and I have a big family, and they live scattered all over the country. This means that we spend a lot of time on the road with our little family, on our way to visit grandma by the sea, for example, and we often stay the weekend.

We like the fact that Emma is safe in the back during those car journeys, in her iZi Go Modular X1 car seat from BeSafe. We are on the road so often that we really didn’t want to save on something as important as a decent car seat. So when we were expecting Emma, I started reading up on everything that had to do with car seats. I must say, my wife was a little relieved that I took on that job! (he laughs)

I started comparing car seats and brands, made lists of the pros and cons, and soon found out that the Norwegian brand BeSafe stood out in terms of safety and comfort. For Emma, we bought a classic, portable group 0 car seat, the BeSafe iZi Go Modular X1. It complies with the latest i-Size standards and was designed specifically for new-borns. No other group 0 car seat gives such all-round protection to new-born babies!

But... once in a while we ran into a problem that almost every parent will recognise, I think. After a long drive to the sea (or sometimes also a short drive to the supermarket), we would notice on arrival that Emma had FI-NAL-LY fallen asleep in her car seat. Help! Lifting sleeping babies out of car seats is always risky, as every young parent will realise after a few weeks. 😊 How do you get a sleeping baby from the car seat to the stroller without waking them up?

Well, thanks to BeSafe’s iZi Transfer, that problem is now history. The BeSafe iZi Transfer is an accessory with handles, to easily lift sleeping children from their car seat and transfer them to a pram, basket or stroller.

So before we leave, we put Emma – while still awake – in the iZi Transfer and buckle her up safely. Then we put Emma in the iZi Transfer in her car seat. Upon arrival, we only have to lift her out of her car seat, and because of iZi Transfer, she can stay in her sleeping position and rarely wakes up, because there is no position switch. (he laughs)

So we have become avid BeSafe fans in a very short space of time. The great thing is that we can continue using it when she gets older, as BeSafe has safe follow-up seats as well!

Happy parents = happy baby = happy parents!  

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