The Norwegian brand BeSafe has more than 20 years of experience in the field of mobility for young families. It started with the development, design, testing and manufacture of car seats for children. This was followed by designing and perfecting an ergonomic baby carrier. This has provided BeSafe with the expertise needed to be the safest mobility brand on the market. BeSafe distinguishes itself by going the extra mile:

  1. BeSafe has been making rear-facing car seats for more than 20 years.
  2. BeSafe is a pioneer in i-Size, with i-Size car seats for children aged 0 to 12 years: i-Size Modular Family, iZi Flex Fix iSize and rotational seats.
  3. Technical top quality: Universal Level Technology, Ergomove Shoulder Pads, Dynamic Force Absorber and Flex Shape Buckle
  4. Scandinavian Safety
  5. Expertise and practical solutions for families on the go
    • Ergonomic reclining and sitting position in all car seats
    • AGR approval: all BeSafe products support the new-born’s back and also guarantee sufficient space to move about safely
    • iZi Transfer: a convenient carrying accessory for newborns
    • Have you seen the BeSafe Haven yet? This ergonomic carrier was developed in collaboration with Die Trageschule.

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When do I switch my toddler's car seat?

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iZi Turn-B i-Size: the safest of 360° rotations seats

For more than 30 years, the BeSafe car seat brand has been manufacturing rear-facing car seats, which have been shown to be 5 times safer than those that face forwards. BeSafe has drawn on its years of experience and expertise to develop a brand new, innovative car seat: the iZi Turn-B i-Size!

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The comfortable Haven baby carrier is now also available in breathable fabric!

Recently, the BeSafe i-Size baby car seats became available in the airy 3D Peak Mesh fabric. Now the Norwegian brand's ergonomic baby carrier, the Haven, also comes in Peak Mesh! Perfect for your next outing with your little one. Would you like to learn more about the Haven baby carrier and the breathable Peak Mesh fabric? Then keep on reading!

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