BeSafe has been making rear facing car seats for over 20 years, because they are the safest option for children up to 4 years old. The Scandinavian company has been committed to spreading their knowledge all throughout the rest of Europe and the world for just as long.

Their efforts have paid off: in 2013, the new European legislation i-Size took effect, which obligates car seat manufacturers to provide rear facing car sears for children up to 15 months. A revolution according to some, but BeSafe has simply been calling it Scandinavian Safety for the past 20 years.

The BeSafe car seats aren’t just the safest option on the market, they’re also comfortable for kids, easy to install for the parents, and nice-looking.

Do you want more information about BeSafe? Check our frequently asked questions.

What is the BeSafe iZi Modular Front Brace exactly?

Read about the importance of the front brace!

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Everything about i-Size

Have you heard about the new regulation iSize? We love to explain... 

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BeSafe car list and stroller list

Would you like to know which car seats are compatible with your car or stroller? Check out our complete overview.

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BeSafe Manuals

Download a new manual for your BeSafe car seat here!

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BeSafe Tutorials

Handy tutorials for all BeSafe products!

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The three reasons to buy your baby essentials locally

More people now want to shop local, and that’s a good thing! It allows you to support the local economy, the hardworking entrepreneurs in your own town, city or neighbourhood. Going to local shops is always a good idea. If you are still in doubt, we can hopefully convince you, because when it comes to baby shopping, there are three reasons why shopping locally (or in the web shop of a local entrepreneur!) is better.

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The safest toddler seats in the ADAC Spring test 2020

BeSafe iZi Twist & iZi Twist B i-Size achieved the highest safety rating ‘Very Good’ in the independent ADAC/Stiftung Warentest car seat test in May 2020. They are the only toddler and 2-in-1 seat in the test that scored ‘Very Good’ in safety.

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iZi Transfer: innovative carrying system by BeSafe

More and more young families are moving to the city and live in small houses or apartments. This means parents are always on the look-out for smart space-saving solutions. For BeSafe, this was a reason to develop a brand-new, compact product: the iZi Transfer. This innovative carrying system allows you to take your baby inside from the car or buggy while he is napping.

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The BeSafe iZi Modular X1 i-Size is even safer now!

Our Norwegian car seat brand BeSafe has a longstanding reputation as the safest one on the market. But even BeSafe keeps innovating their super safe car seats with the aim of… creating even more safety and comfort for children in the car!

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3 tips from mommy Lara for safe car journeys with children!

This summer, we drove to Brittany by car, already for the fourth time! I don’t have to tell you that it is a challenge with two children! If you are soon going on a long car trip with younger children, these tips might help you to facilitate the car journey!

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Rotation for the new generation!

For more than 30 years, our car seat brand BeSafe has been making rear-facing car seats, because it is 5 times safer to transport your children in a rear-facing position instead of a forward-facing one. BeSafe has used its many years of experience and expertise to develop a brand new innovative car seat! Welcome, iZi Twist B i-Size – the very first rotating car seat of BeSafe!

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