about besafe

The Norwegian family company BeSafe stands for 'Scandinavian safety' and is strongly committed to protecting children in the car. 

"Besafe is the best safety & comfort choice when buying a car seat for your child."

BeSafe has 25 years of experience in manufacturing rear facing car seats and uses this expertise to respond to current trends in an ever-changing market. The company has developed 2 designs that can be used for both rear and front facing: the iZi Modular i-Size Family, one base with 2 car seats, and the rotating seats, which can turn 180° or 360°, like the iZi Turn B i-Size


scandinavian safety

BeSafe has developed several patented technologies to ensure the safety of your child, such as the Dynamic Force Absorber, the Active Retract Harness or the Universal Level Technology. In addition, all BeSafe car seats have additional side impact protection. 

In 2021 BeSafe introduced car seats and baby carriers made entirely of breathable mesh. This fabric is up to 8 times more breathable than traditional fabrics and provides even more comfort. 

baby carrier Newborn haven & Haven

And BeSafe takes things even further, by offering parents a solution for also transporting their children safely outside of the car. Together with die Trageschule BeSafe has developed the BeSafe Haven baby carrier and the Newborn Haven baby carrier. It's ergonomic, extremely comfortable for both baby and parent and made of super soft Tencel.


besafe benefits

Pioneer for i-Size car seats from 0 to 12 years i-Size rotating car seats from birth
Best protection from pregnancy up until 12 years Extra side impact protection
Crashtest approved Baby carrier developed together with die Trageschule
25 years of expertise in rear-facing car seats  Award-winning designs and technologies


In the picture: BeSafe Pregnant

Recently ADAC published a test on pregnancy belts, concluding that they would not offer any extra safety in case of a car accident. We - BABYmatters and BeSafe - would like to qualify this, because BeSafe Pregnant maternity belt remains the safest way to protect the unborn child (and the mother) while driving.

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News | BeSafe Beyond nominated for Baby Innovation Award 2024

Beyond, BeSafe's new car seat concept, has been nominated for Baby Innovation Award 2024 in the 'Mobility' category. BeSafe Beyond - available from May 2024 - consists of a rotating ISOFIX base with separate infant and child seat. But what makes this concept so unique?

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