10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party

Yay! Is there a baby on the way in the family or group of friends? And is there a gender reveal party coming up? We bring you the best gift ideas for the baby on the way or the 'mommy to be'! Do you want to spend a maximum of €25 or are you looking for a bigger gift? At BABYmatters you will always find a top product!

1. Baby nest – from €109
The most expensive item on this list, but definitely a wonderful and useful present: the Voksi baby nest. Are you planning on giving a bigger present? Then this baby nest is worth checking out. Voksi is a Danish brand that develops products with an eye for safety and coziness! A baby nest is an ideal sleeping, playing and resting place for a newborn baby. The baby nest grows with the baby from 0 to about 7 months.

The shape mimics that of the womb, the first place of the baby. This allows the baby to feel secure and safe in the baby nest. The Voksi baby nest complies with strict safety regulations, making it one of the safest on the market! Read here why.

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Voksi baby nest

2. Glass feeding bottle – from €22,90
In Elodie’s new collection ‘Welcome to the world’, the brand focuses on newborn babies. One of the main items of this collection is the glass feeding bottle or baby bottle. The feeding bottle is made from temperature resistant glass and has a food graded silicone layer. The bottle comes with a silicone teat with anti-colic valve for newborns up to 6 months. These beautiful glass feeding bottles are available in neutral colors.

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Elodie glass feeding bottle

3. BeSafe Pregnant – from €39,90
This pregnancy belt from BeSafe protects your baby in the car from before birth! The BeSafe Pregnant is a belt guide that ensures that the lower car belt stays under the pregnant belly. In the event of an impact, the pressure is absorbed by the hips and not the belly. The ideal gift for a mommy to be!

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - BeSafe Pregnant pregnancy belt

4. Diaper bag – from €64,90
A stylish useful item from Elodie: the diaper bag. A diaper bag is indispensable for new moms! It holds anything you might need when out of the house, from diapers and wipes to creams and tetra cloths. The diaper bags of Elodie all have a thermo compartment on the inside, that fits a feeding bottle. This way, you can keep the bottle warm or cool. The diaper bags of Elodie are unique and beautifully finished. The leather details and leather diaper bags are even in vegan leather. You can attach the diaper bag to a stroller with the handy hangers, and you can use it as a handbag or gym bag later on! Discover all models here.

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Elodie diaper bag

5. Zip&Go toiletry bag - €34,90
A perfect accessory for new parents! The Zip&Go can hold many items. The size makes it also very travel proof. This stylish toiletry bag for moms and dads closes with a zipper or a clip. The frame of the Zip&Go keeps the bag nicely open like a little basket. Discover the different colors and prints here.

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Elodie Zip&Go toiletry bag

6. Yumi Yay nightlight - €54,90
A nightlight that’s already useful from before birth? That’s the Yumi Yay nightlight. The soft light makes this product soon a commonly used product in the house. Not only children love this nightlight, but also for parents it comes in handy. You can use it for night feedings, as a reading light, etc. When your baby grows, they are attracted to the beautiful bright colors and playfulness of the light. 1 nightlight, 2 interchangeable soft silicone covers, 3 light modes and 4 Yumi Yay animals. Discover more about the nightlights here.

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Yumi Yay nightlight

7. Hooded towel - €39,90
The hooded towel by Elodie is made from absorbing terry on the inside and soft velour on the outside, all in 100% cotton. The hooded towels are super soft and cozy for a baby. Especially after the bath, they come in handy. With ears or a bow … discover all hooded towels for babies here. Since you don’t know the sex yet, you can go for a hooded towel in a neutral color.

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Elodie hooded towel bath cape baby

8. Cloths and blankets
Parents can never have enough tetra towels! You’re sure to please with this gift. Elodie has various blankets and cloths: from tetra cloths to woolen blankets.

  • Bamboo hydrophilic cloth - €19,90
    The hydrophilic cloths by Elodie are soft, absorbent and multifunctional. You can find all the colors and prints here.
10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Elodie bamboo muslin blanket crinkled blanket baby
  • Crinkled blanket - €34,90
    The crinkled blankets by Elodie are a little bigger than their other blankets and cloths (120cm x 120cm). They have six layers of hydrophilic cotton. These baby blankets are warm and airy.
  • Pearl Velvet blanket - €39,90
    Pearl Velvet is a fabric designed by Elodie. The fabric mixes the good qualities of fleece and velvet, and the fabric’s absorbent! These Pearl Velvet blankets are incredibly soft and look very luxurious. 
10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Elodie baby blankets wool Pearl Velvet
  • Wool knitted blanket - €59,90
    The knitted woolen blanket by Elodie is made from a mix of 60% cotton and 40% RWS certified wool. The wool was collected in an animal friendly manner (mulesing free). The blankets are warm and soft. They are a nice gift when the baby’s birth is planned in the fall or winter.

9. Blinkie cuddly blanket – €24,90
The first irreplaceable cuddly toy for a baby: the Elodie blinkies! These cuddly blankets are little bunnies. They have a round head, two long ears and a tetra cloth underneath it all. They are made of 100% tetra cotton and, therefore, super soft! You can pick a blinkie in a neutral color like Bo, Malte, Coco, Sigge, Sandy, Goldie or Bonny. Discover them all here.

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Elodie blinkie cuddly toy blanket

10. Bib
A bib with a pocket is a beautiful present for mommies and daddies to be. You can choose between a stylish practical bib by Elodie or a handy user-friendly roll-up bib by OXO Tot.

10 x great gifts for a gender reveal party - Elodie bib with pocket OXO Tot rol-up bib for babies

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