Why the Voksi baby nest is the safest option!

In the last few years, baby nests have gained great popularity. In almost each nursery or in each co-sleeper you will find one. But what about the safety of such a baby nest? If we can give you some advice, we recommend to certainly take a closer look at the different components of such a baby nest.

Are there strings to which your baby can hurt himself? Are the sides thick, with a fold in the mattress? Isn’t the material Oeko-Tex certified? Then it’s better to continue your search. Because those are all safety risks that you’d rather not take with your baby.

The baby nest of our Scandinavian brand Voksi is a reliable choice, because it is considered to be one of the safest baby nests.

But why can we call the Voksi baby nest the safest option?

  1. To prevent the risk of swallowing or choking, there are no strings or cords on the Voksi Baby Nest.
  2. The side panels are 120 mm high to prevent the child from lifting his/her head onto the panel and not being able to pull it back.
  3. The side panels have been tested using a specific safety method described in BS 4578:1970. With reference to this method, the side panels show great breathability!
  4. Mattress firmness complies with EN-16890.
  5. All textiles meet the flammability performance requirements of BS EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014.
  6. All components and textiles comply with the Standards set by the oeko-tex® Standard 100, Class 1 in regards to harmful substances - phthalates - heavy metals - FR treatment. They are also REACH Article 33 and POPs Regulations compliant.
Voksi baby nest

The Voksi Baby Nest obtained these important criteria thanks to the extensive risk analysis by SGS France and thanks to guidance and advice from a senior advisor in the furniture industry, including cradles and cribs.

The Voksi Baby Nest is consequently 100% safe, which makes it the ideal place for your baby to sleep safe and sound!

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