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Rotation for the new generation!

For more than 30 years, our car seat brand BeSafe has been making rear-facing car seats, because it is 5 times safer to transport your children in a rear-facing position instead of a forward-facing one. BeSafe has used its many years of experience and expertise to develop a brand new innovative car seat! Welcome, iZi Twist B i-Size – the very first rotating car seat of BeSafe!

Rotating car seats are obviously not new, but the car seat that BeSafe developed is special. BeSafe managed to combine the rear-facing concept and the option to rotate in the iZi Twist B i-Size.

Who can use this car seat?

This rotating car seat can be used as from birth thanks to those two unique features:

  • The BeSafe Baby Shell™ is a baby insert which is placed inside the whole seat shell. The Baby Shell™ adds an extra layer of side impact protection to transport the baby safely. Thanks to this Baby Shell, you can transport your baby as from day one using the iZi Twist B i-Size! When your baby measures 87 centimetres, you remove the BeSafe Baby Shell and you can use the iZi Twist B i-Size until the child measures 105 centimetres (approximately 4 years old).

  • The BeSafe Newborn Hugger™ is a baby insert which is placed into the BeSafe Baby Shell™ to give newborns extra comfort and support. Very cozy and comfortable!

Other besafe izi twist b i-size advantages?

  1. Universal Level Technology™
    An innovative installation method which makes sure that horizontal installation is always possible, regardless the sitting angle in the car
  2. Dynamic Force Absorber™
    These innovative areas in the headrest optimally absorb force in case of a side collision.
  3. Built-in side impact protection (SIP) in the seat shell + additional side impact protection (SIP+).
  4. Passed the world’s toughest crash test: the Plus Test 
  5. UN R129 (i-Size) regulation
  6. Magnets in the belts make sure that you can place your child even more easily in his/her car seat.
  7. Four adjustable recline positions: additional comfort
  8. 10-step adjustable headrest to grow with the child

And uhm.. if you’re hesitant to purchase a car seat which can only be used in a rear-facing position, we would like to reassure you! You are making the right choice, because in a rear-facing car seat children are seated 5 times safer in the car. If still in doubt, certainly check this video!

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