What is vegan leather and why would you want it in your house?

The short answer? It’s pretty, sustainable and no animals have suffered. Our Elodie Details brand consciously chooses to only use vegan leather in their new autumn collection. Why? Continue to read on!

Vegan leather is a versatile material which becomes increasingly popular and which is used more often by designers all over the world.  And we appreciate that! Because it is an ethical way to create an authentic and classy leather look.

How do they manufacture this vegan leather exactly?

Well, it has nothing to do with animal cruelty, on the contrary and phew! The material is often composed of polyurethane, a polymer that can be produced in different shapes. It can also be manufactured of organic or innovative materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple skins, fruit waste and recycled plastic bottles..

“A killer look, without killing animals!”
Keep up the good work, Elodie Details!

Elodie = mulesing-free!

Elodie Details goes even further than vegan leather, because they consciously opted for mulesing-free wool in order to produce their woolen products of the new collection ‘Le Petit Parisien’. Mulesing is a very painful treatment of sheep that are specifically cultured for their merino wool. The sheep are submitted to shaves without anesthetic, where parts of the skin are often also trimmed away. This is a very animal-unfriendly practice, and Elodie Details doesn’t want any part of it!
And neither does BABYmatters!



We are consequently very proud to announce that the merino wool used to produce the Elodie Details products was obtained mulesing-free and therefore 100% free from animal-cruelty!

Elodie Details doesn’t only make sure that your baby looks good, but they also make sure that you feel good about the products that surround your baby, because Elodie Details is cruelty-free!<3

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