Why side impact protection is so important during car rides!

Children are – in case of a car crash- very vulnerable in the head area. The additional side protection that the car seats of BeSafe provide, is unique and can furthermore really make a difference! Keep reading!

Car crashes with a side impact are the second most common cause of severe injuries to children. That’s exactly the reason why our brand BeSafe has been researching how car seats can be even safer and better in that field. The result of the research? SIP+, a separate accessory which significantly increases the safety of your child in the car.

What’s a SIP+?

SIP, that’s the abbreviation of “Side Impact Protection” and the “+” indicates that it’s a separate additional accessory. You simply click it on the side of your BeSafe  car seat. It’s specifically designed to absorb energy, which will reduce the impact, that the head and the neck of the child will absorb during an accident, with 20%.

How does this SIP+ block work?

The SIP+ was developed to fit on the side of your BeSafe  car seat, on the side of the door. This way, the distance between the door and the car seat is reduced and the car seat will therefore move less in case of a collision. Less movement= less forces on your child! In addition, that SIP+ block is also used as crumple zone which absorbs the first impact in case of a collision.

Why is such an additional side protection so important?

Children are especially vulnerable in case of side crashes. It’s because they sit higher in the car, and are therefore less protected by the chassis, the metal part of your car. In addition, most cars don’t have large crumple zones on the sides. At the front they do, but the side is generally less extensively protected. That side protection is consequently something that deserves some extra attention, and that’s what BeSafe  has well understood. Clicking a SIP+ block on your car seat can make a difference!

Which car seats are provided with such a SiP+ block?

All the car seats of the iZi Modular Family, but also the iZi Flex Fix i-Size, the iZi Kid X3 i-Size and the iZi Combi X4 are delivered with a SIP+. For our other car seats (the iZi Plus and the iZi Comfort X3 you can buy a separate block).

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