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Natural materials make the perfect Voksi footmuff!

Our Scandinavian brand Voksi launches the Explorer, a brand new footmuff ! Ans as the Explorer might be new, the features of this footmuff are familiar and typically Voksi. When designing and creating  the Explorer, Voksi stayed true to its primary focus: the use of natural materials.

Wool and down logically also form the base for this new footmuff. And that’s not all, because after more than 30 years of experience in designing footmuffs, Voksi dares to say that they have united the top quality of all their other footmuffs in this new model, the Explorer.

This is the explorer:

  • The front panel of the Voksi Explorer is filled with 70% down and 30% feathers, and the back panel is 100% wool.
  • The nylon material on the outside of the footmuff is excellence so you have the guarantee that your Explorer is durable. Additionally, the outside is also provided with a BIONIC-FINISH ECO treatment, which turns the footmuff waterproof.
  • On the inside of the footmuff there’s a water-resistant fabric, that makes sure that no filth remains on the inside of the Explorer.
  • A non-slip surface at the back of the footmuff, to avoid slipping when you use it in the pram.
  • Just zip it open and you have a cozy on-the-go play area!
  • When you take off the upper layer, you have a nice inlay cushion for your stroller.
  • Thanks to the velcro opening at the back, the Explorer fits perfectly in prams, car seats and bicycle trailers.
  • The Voksi Explorer is of course free from harmful materials as fluorocarbon and formaldehyde.

Why the combination of wool and down is so ideal

Voksi originates from Denmark, so cold Scandinavian winters turn Voksi into experts in terms of warmth and specialists when it’s about working with natural materials as wool and down.

In Scandinavia they traditionally use wool for warmth during winter and for coolness in summer. Because one of the advantages of using wool is their natural ability to breath. Wool naturally extracts humidity from the body and regulates temperature in summer and winter.

Down is light and airy and keeps your baby insulated. Down extracts excessive heat from the body and regulates the temperature of your baby.

Convinced? You should be! You’ll find all information relating to the
Voksi footmuffs here!

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