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An exclusive: BeSafe launches a car seat made of recycled PET-bottles!

28 recycled bottles, that’s what’s needed to create the cover of a limited edition BeSafe iZi Flex Fix i-Size carseat.  The name of this exclusive new design? Blue Legacy, because leaving the ‘right’ legacy for future generations is exactly what matters.

What will our generation leave behind?

The Blue Legacy Limited Edition puts focus on the pollution of our oceans, on plastic-consumption worldwide and on what our generation leaves behind for our children. It is more than just a new fabric colour, it is a whole package that allows you to take part in raising consciousness for preserving nature.

Made from recycled materials

The fabric of the Blue Legacy Limited Edition is made from polyester that is made out of recycled plastic bottles. For this, our carseat brand BeSafe has partnered up with TOP GREEN, a carefully selected and certified supplier who collects used bottles, sorts, cleans and crushes them, before de- and re-polymerizing and after melting, spins them into recycled fibre. This eco-friendly solution has the same touch and feel as non-recycled fibre and gives your child the same comfort. It is of course also free from hazardous substances and has passed strict chemical tests.

Donation for a clean ocean for each sold seat

But there’s more: the Blue Legacy Limited Edition-carseat also contributes to less ocean waste. Because… for each Limited Edition seat sold, BeSafe will make a donation to Waste Free Oceans (WFO), a non-profit organisation, dedicated to clean the ocean from plastic waste.

WFO reaches out to fishermen in their designated clean-up area. Using a trawl that can be attached to regular fishing boats, fishermen can fish for ocean plastic on their idle fishing days, collecting between 2 and 8 tonnes of marine litter on each journey.

Soo… if you choose a supersafe, highly comfortable iZi Flex Fix i-Size Blue Legacy Limited Edition carseat, you also choose cleaner oceans, less plastic waste and an overall eco-friendly legacy!

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