Elodie Details


A big brand for tiny humans.


‘Why can’t products for babies be stylish and fun accessories?’ wondered Linda Sätterström after the birth of her daughter, Elodie. This idea urged the Swedish new mother to her own brand, Elodie Details.

When she started her business, baby accessories had a conventional and boring design with nothing but boats and teddy bears. Linda started making and selling her pacifier clips in nearby stores. People instantly fell in love with her creations so Linda rapidly added new products to her collection.

Today, Elodie Details is the top brand when it comes to contemporary design for babies. What started as a one-man business (scratch that - a one-woman business) with handmade pacifier clips grew to become a flourishing company with must haves going from fun Bibs and DryBibs, to wonderfully warm blankets everybody wants to snuggle with.

Elodie Details screams fashion. The brand is pure luxury: a treat for both babies and mothers. Each Elodie Details product is more than an everyday utensil; it says something about who you are. Mix and match all you want, because the prints are always used throughout the entire collection. With Elodie Details, you showcase your sense of style and highlight your unique personality.

Elodie Details makes the world of babies a prettier place.



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