• Super soft, softens with every hug
  • Material: 100% Bamboo cotton
  • Length: 41 cm (ears included)

Glass Feeding Bottle

  • Glass feeding bottle with silicone casing
  • Silicone suction teat (0-6m), anti-colic valve
  • Durable and scratch-resistant

Baby Nest

  • Portable with extra-long straps
  • Soft foam mattress on top of a sturdy ligh-weight plate
  • Size: L 87cm x W 48cm x H 16cm

Teething ring

  • Natural and antibacterial
  • Ring made of sanded down wood without oils, non-splintering
  • Perfect for little hands

Newborn Bonet

  • Light, breathable and super soft jersey cotton
  • 2 sizes: 0-3 / 3-6 months

Silicon teats

  • Compatible with Elodie's feeding bottles
  • 2 sizes: 0M+ and 6M+
  • Anti-colic valve