12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby

Yay! A baby on the way! The arrival of your newborn baby includes a lot of preparing. We give you 12 baby products that come in handy from birth on and during the first few months. Our inspiration can of course also be used for your baby checklist, birth list or gift list. Out and about with your baby or at home: discover our 12 tips here.

1. Baby nest

A cozy and safe place for your baby during the first few months? Let your baby play and nap in a cute and safe baby nest.

A baby nest mimics the shape and therefore the feel of a womb. As a result, your baby soon feels safe and secure. He recognizes the feeling. What's even nicer: You can easily take the baby nest with you to family or friends. Place it on a flat surface and optionally put a nice arch above it.

Always make sure you buy a baby nest that is completely safe for small babies. Think breathable and natural materials, good breathability in the edges, soft comfortable mattress, no strings, etc. Read all about it here.

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - baby nest Voksi Elodie

The Voksi baby nest Premium is a cozy nest for babies from 0 to 7 months. Voksi is a Scandinavian brand with a focus on safety and natural materials. This nest was made to high safety standards. You can extend it as your baby grows. The nest is completely in OEKO-TEX cotton. You can choose a nest with 3D Mesh mattress. Discover the different colors here.

Swedish brand Elodie also released a nest with its new "Welcome to the world" collection. This stylish nest is also fully approved according to safety standards. The long carrying straps make it easy to move the nest. Inside there is a thin sturdy plate and a soft mattress. The nests come in four neutral soft colors to match any interior.

Voksi Baby nest Premium (Mesh) – from €109
Elodie Baby nest - €119

2. Baby carrier

Your newborn baby needs a lot of skin-to-skin contact to satisfy their skin hunger. This contact makes your baby feel safe and secure. It also works well for your bonding. With a baby carrier for newborns, you can carry your baby from birth.

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - baby carrier BeSafe Haven

BeSafe released a baby carrier specifically designed for newborns with the German Die Trageschule. It is a Newborn version of their already well-known Haven baby carrier. The baby carrier is as soft as a sling, but as simple as the Haven baby carrier. The hip buckle and the two slide and click buttons make it easy to put on. You can also wear the shoulder straps spread out for extra support. With the Newborn Haven, you carry your baby through the first year.

Would you prefer a baby carrier that lasts longer and allows you to carry your child in multiple positions? Then the Haven baby carrier is also a good choice. It allows you to carry your baby from 55cm tall (about 4 weeks). It is also a good follow-up carrier for the Newborn Haven baby carrier.

BeSafe Newborn Haven - €109
BeSafe Haven - starting from €139

3. Stroller

Taking a short walk, stopping by the bakery or store? A stroller with a carry cot will certainly come in handy for your newborn baby. In the carry cot, your baby can sleep peacefully or look around. Add a footmuff or some blankets to make it cozy and warm for your little one.

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - stroller baby carriage Elodie Mondo

Looking for a stylish stroller that is completely unique and can be used from birth to 22 kg? The Mondo compact baby carriage by Elodie can be put together in such a way that you have a baby carriage for life right from birth! You can place a car seat on the frame of the foldable stroller, or attach the Mondo Carry Basket. Is your baby too big for the carrycot? Then you can switch to the compact stroller. By the way, did you know that the sleeping position of this baby carriage can be used to transport even the littlest ones? Elodie stands for fashion, luxury and design. Highlight your sense of style! Both the frame and the beautiful fabric and vegan leather details come in unique colors and prints.

Elodie Mondo – starting from €399
Elodie carrycot - €249

4. Baby bath

A baby bathtub makes it easy to wash your newborn baby. There are different types of bathtubs on the market: compact, with multiple functions or technologies or a simple tub. In addition, you can also often find a stand to place your bath on. This way you can wash your baby at an easy height and you don't have to bend down. Always make sure the water in your baby bath is the right temperature. Other tips for the first bath can be found here.

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - baby bath Aquascale Babypatent OXO Tot

Babypatent's Aquascale bathtub is a 3-in-1 bathtub. This baby bath has an included digital thermometer and scale. You can easily monitor the baby's weight. Very handy if you want to know how much nutrition your baby takes in. With the stand you can place your baby and his bath a little higher. You can use the Aquascale bathtub from birth to 24 months.

Babypatent Aquascale baby bath and baby scale - €85,90
Babypatent Aquascale baby bath standard - €54,90

OXO Tot's baby bath is more focused on compactness. You can fold the entire tub, flatten it and hang it on a hook. The non-slip zone in the tub ensures that your baby doesn't slip. You can use this bathtub from birth to 18 months.

OXO Tot foldable bathtub - €74,95

5. Baby mobile

During the first few months from birth, it can be fun for your baby to hang inspirational figurines above the crib. A baby mobile works both soothing and stimulating for your newborn baby. Therefore, it is an ideal gift for a newborn baby, or before at the baby shower or gender reveal.

6. Baby bottle

Another really nice baby item or gift is a nice baby bottle. A baby bottle, or feeding bottle, is useful for giving your baby breast milk or formula milk during the first few months. Give the milk at room temperature in the bottle to your baby.

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - Elodie glass feeding bottle

Elodie's glass baby bottle is made of temperature-resistant glass coated with food-graded silicone. The silicone teat has an anti-colic valve and is suitable for babies from birth to 6 months. Follow-up teats are available separately.

Elodie glass feeding bottle with silicone teat - €22,90

7. Pacifier with cute pacifier clip

Some babies come to rest with a pacifier. As luck would have it, pacifiers are not only convenient, but are also a fashion item. You can find pacifiers with latex teat or orthodontic silicone teat. You can find them in different colors, with fun prints or in natural materials such as bamboo. Read more about pacifiers here. A nice and handy addition is the pacifier clip with which you can attach the pacifier to a piece of clothing. That way your baby won't lose the pacifier.  

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - pacifier pacifier clip Elodie

Elodie's pacifiers and pacifier clips are real eye-catchers! Elodie has pacifiers with orthodontic silicone teat and latex teat especially for newborns (up to three months). Afterwards, you can switch to a follow-up pacifier (from 3 months). Discover the TRITAN plastic pacifiers or bamboo pacifiers. Add a matching pacifier clip with a wooden or metal clip.

Elodie pacifiers – €8,90
Elodie pacifier clip - €12,90

8. Wipes dispenser

Handy in the changing area: the wipes dispenser. Look for a wipes dispenser that is user-friendly and qualitative. So not only the divider will last a long time, but also all your wipes. 😉

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - wipes dispenser OXO Tot

The wipes divider from OXO Tot can be operated with one hand while changing your baby. There is a weight on the wipes so you can take 1 wipe without carrying the whole pack. The box closes with a click and at the closure there is an extra rim that keeps the wipes from drying out. Also available in travel size.

OXO Tot wipes dispenser - €29,95
OXO Tot wipes dispenser on the go - €13,95

9. Baby food freezer tray

With good freezer trays, you can freeze (mother's) milk or fruit and vegetable mash for later. Convenient freezer trays for milk formula come in handy during the first few months!

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - OXO Tot freezer tray baby food

OXO Tot's freezer trays for baby food are perfect for freezing portions of breast milk or milk. You can easily remove the frozen portions from the mold and they also fit perfectly through the neck of a baby bottle or feeding bottle.

OXO Tot baby food freezer tray (14 x 22 ml) - €8,50
OXO Tot baby food freezer tray with silicone lid (6 x 30 ml) - €10,50

10. Car seat

When you leave with your newborn baby from the hospital, you will probably go home by car. So from day one, you'll need a good group 0 car seat. Maybe you've heard the term i-Size before? Read more about it here.

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - car seat BeSafe iZi Go Modular Turn B

BeSafe is a Norwegian family-owned company that specializes in car seats and rear-facing seats. As their name suggests, they carry safety as a top priority. So if you have a car seat from BeSafe, you can be sure it is safe. For a newborn baby, you have the choice of a portable group 0 car seat the iZi Go Modular X1 i-Size or a fixed model such as the Turn B i-Size and the Stretch B. The latter last longer until the age of 4 years and 7 years respectively.

BeSafe iZi Go Modular X1 i-Size – starting from €199
BeSafe iZi Turn B i-Size – starting from €749

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - BeSafe pregnancy belt iZi Transfer

An original gift for your pregnant friend is the BeSafe Pregnant pregnancy seat belt. This way your baby is already protected from before birth during all car rides. The belt guide keeps the belt of your car under your belly. Extra safe, in other words.

Another convenient feature is the iZi Transfer, a way to move the baby from one car seat to another spot without waking him.

BeSafe Pregnant – starting from €39,90
izi Transfer - €39,90

11. Handy items to clean cups

Something you must have in your home as a parent are practical cleaning kits to easily clean cups and supplies. Just think of brushes in different sizes to clean bottles and spouts and a rack to let everything dry.

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - cleaning sets drying rack OXO Tot

OXO Tot cleaning sets - starting from €8,95

12. Cuddly toy

Your baby is discovering the whole world. How nice is it to do this with a cuddly blanket in hand? A cuddly blanket is usually a tetra cloth with a head. The soft fabric feels nice for your newborn baby and it gives comfort and a safe feeling. It also makes a beautiful gift.

12 x useful and beautiful baby products or gifts for a newborn baby - Elodie blinkie cuddly toy

Elodie's Blinkie is an airy soft-feeling bunny made of tetra cotton. Each Blinkie has its own name and unique color. 

Elodie Blinkie - €24,90

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