Your baby’s first bath: our tips

Splash! Time for the first bath! Your baby's first bath at home (without maternity assistance) is an exciting but also very nice cozy moment together. We'd like to give you some tips for the bath and 5 handy baby products!

What to look out for when bathing your baby?

During the first few days your maternity nurse will certainly have taught you everything you need to know about giving your baby a bath. Still, the first time you give your baby a bath on your own can be an anxious moment. Make sure the temperature of the room is right (22°C-24°C) and have washing products, towels, hydrophilic blankets, bath cape, diaper, clothes, etc. ready in advance. A prepared parent is worth two! And this will immediately give you peace of mind as a parent as well. Below are a few more notes that may come in handy:

  • Timing
    You can give your baby a bath any time of the day, but make sure you don't do it right after a meal or when your baby is hungry. The whole bathing moment (preparation, washing, bathing, drying and warming up) is a fun and bonding time between parent and child, so take your time to fully enjoy it. Since water cools down fairly quickly, a short splash (5 to 10 minutes) is sufficient.
  • Temperature
    The room temperature should be 22 - 24°C and the water approx. 37°C. First fill the bath (or baby bath) with cold water and then with warm water. Mix well! Check the water temperature with a bath thermometer. Want to make it even easier for yourself? Then look for a baby bath with an integrated thermometer, such as the AquaScale from Baby Patent.
  • Washing
    Wash the face without soap and dry it afterwards. Then wash the body with soap or lotion suitable for baby's skin. Pay special attention to skin folds and genitals.
  • Drying
    Remove your baby from the bath and wrap him in a convenient bath cape, soft towel or muslin blanket. Dry your baby immediately to prevent it from cooling down. It is best to dry your baby with soft cotton muslin cloths. Be sure to dry the skin folds to prevent blemishes.

5 convenient products for a pleasant bath time

Giving your baby a bath is 100 times easier with the right products. We dug into our BABYmatters range and found these 5 handy baby products:

Baby Patent - AquaScale

A baby bath that measures your baby's water temperature and weight during a splash in the water? That's AquaScale. With this innovative bath by Baby Patent you can wash your little one and weigh them at the same time. Put your baby on the non-slip surface, measure the weight and save it via the display. Ideal for monitoring your baby's weight and reassuring you during the first weeks after birth.

  • 3-in-1 bathtub: bath, water thermometer and scale
  • From newborn up to 24 months
  • Removable intermediate piece allows you to use your baby bath until your child is about 2 years old
  • Non-slip surface for safety and comfort
  • Weight in grams or ounces
  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Water drain pipe
  • To be placed on a solid surface or on the AquaScale stand
AquaScale baby bath temperature water measure weight

OXO Tot - Splash and store bathtub

The OXO Tot bath is compact and therefore easy to store. The walls of the bath are completely non-slip so your child can play or bathe comfortably and safely in the water. Because of the sloping soft sides you can use this bath from birth. When your child is bigger, you can use the other side of the bath.

  • Foldable bath
  • From newborn up to 18 months
  • Seat support that prevents your child from sliding under
  • Non-slip sloping sides
  • Rotatable hook to hang up the bathtub
  • Double drain
  • Places in bath or shower
oxo tot baby bath foldable

OXO Tot - shampoo rinser

Rinsing out your child's hair without getting shampoo or water in the face? The shampoo rinser from OXO Tot is your ideal partner-in-crime! This rinsing cup is made of flexible silicone so it easily adapts to any head.

  • Flexible cup to rinse out hair
  • Soft flexible silicone
  • Capacity: 500 ml
oxo tot shampoo rinser soft silicone baby bath hair

Elodie - muslin blankets

With the soft lightweight hydrophilic cloths and blankets from Elodie you can easily dry your baby right into the skin folds. The bamboo muslin blankets consist of a mix of cotton and bamboo fibers. These bamboo fibers are very absorbent and breathable. The Elodie blankets are layered and become even softer after every wash!

Discover all colors and prints here. Are you curious about all types of blankets from Elodie? Check out the entire collection here.

  • Bamboo muslin blanket
  • Multifunctional
  • 80 cm x 80 cm
  • 70 % bamboo and 30 % cotton
Elodie soft muslin baby blankets and cloths dry baby after bath

Elodie - hooded towels

To wrap your baby directly after his bath in a nice soft bath cape, isn't it wonderful? Elodie's unique hooded towels are made of 100% cotton with terry cloth on the inside and velour on the outside. They are ideal for babies and young children. A white bunny, rose with hearts and a bow, an elephant or a mouse. Discover all the designs and colors here.

  • Hooded towel
  • Terry cloth and velour
  • 80 cm x 80 cm
Elodie hooded towel baby after bath dry off prints and colors


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