What do I need for a summer baby?

Are you having your baby in the summer? Then baby gear that protects from the sun and heat comes in handy! Think i-Size car seats in breathable fabric, sun hats and lightweight baby blankets. We’ll give you some product tips and we’ll also list a few essentials for summer travels with your baby.

Summer... getting warmer and warmer! Nothing says summer like sun, heat and sweat (and those annoying mosquitoes!). Every year, we are reminded to protect ourselves from the sun and the accompanying heat, and to drink enough water. The same goes for our little ones.

For a summer baby it is best to have certain baby items that protect against the sun, the heat and possibly also against insects such as mosquitoes. So be sure to check whether essential items like a car seat, muslin cloths and a baby nest are also suitable for summer.

And because the weather is so lovely, summer is also the season when you like to spend some time outside and go on trips. On these days out, it is best to be prepared to protect your baby from the sun and heat.

What do I need for a summer baby? sun hat Elodie

Sun protection

Summer means applying sunscreen! Both for you and your little one. As your baby's skin is still very vulnerable, this is very important. You can also use some handy items that shade your baby from bright sun rays. This prevents their skin and eyes from being harmed by direct sunlight. Here are a few useful items:

  • A sunshade: a sunshade for in the car is great to block direct sunlight.
  • A sun hat: protect your baby's head and eyes with a cute sun hat. Have a look at the Elodie collection here.
  • A hooded towel: with a hooded towel you can quickly dry off your baby after a dip in the water, thereby protecting them from an increased risk of sunburn. 
what do I need for a summer baby? Hooded towel sun shade in car sun hat

Heat protection

Sun also means heat, and heat means sweating. To make your baby as comfortable as possible, choose items in breathable or light fabrics.

You can now buy a car seat or a baby carrier in breathable fabric, like the i-Size car seats and the Haven baby carrier by BeSafe. These are available in 3D Peak Mesh, a fabric with a layered and woven structure. Perfect for preventing sweaty little backs on hot days.

What do I need for a summer baby? breathable fabric Peak Mesh car seat baby carrier BeSafe

What do you definitely never have enough of in those first few months? Tetra cloths and airy blankets of course! For a summer baby, choose muslins made of cotton, bamboo blend and other light, soft fabrics. The Elodie muslin blankets are perfect for this!

Aside from blankets and baby carriers in breathable fabrics, there are also footmuffs that are suitable for summer. These are usually made of cotton or down. Down moulds itself perfectly to the body and is air permeable, providing comfortable warmth without the risk of sweating and cooling down.  Voksi's cotton and down footmuffs are windproof, water-repellent and fit any buggy perfectly.

What do I need for a summer baby? summer footmuff Voksi light airy blankets musllin cloths Elodie

Summer trips with a summer baby

Nice summer weather and not too hot outside? A perfect day for taking your baby out on a trip! Make sure you have an easy foldable buggy or an i-Size car seat that is suitable for warm weather. Below we have compiled a short checklist of useful items for a summer outing with your baby:

  • Mondo compact buggy:
    The Mondo by Elodie can be used from birth with a group 0 car seat or the Mondo carrycot. You can extend the hood of the baby carriage to a sunshade which protects your child even better against the sun. There are also some convenient summer accessories such as a seat cushion (with a winter and a summer side), a mosquito net, a cup holder (your refreshment within reach) and a storage bag.
  • Airy cotton or down footmuff:
    Voksi has footmuffs made of cotton and down, which you can lay in/attach to a buggy. Both the cotton and the down footmuff are breathable and windproof.
  • Car seat in Peak Mesh and a sunshade:
    With a car seat with breathable fabric and a sunshade on the window of your car, your baby is ready for a car ride on a summer day.
  • Baby diaper bag:
    With a diaper bag, you can easily and neatly take any necessary baby items with you.
  • Airy blankets:
    Breathable and soft blankets such as muslin cloths, cellular blankets, or soft cotton blankets are great for your baby on hot days. Discover all the Elodie blankets here.
  • Summer clothing:
    Dress your baby in light cotton clothes and maybe a sun hat to complete the outfit. Discover Elodie’s sun hat collection here.
What do I need for a summer baby? diaper bag blankets Mondo compact stroller


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