Which blanket should I choose for my baby?

There are so many different baby blankets on the market that it’s difficult to know where to start. What material should you choose? Each blanket and material has its pros and cons and they can often do more than just keep your baby warm!

baby blanket cotton

Versatile cotton

Cotton is a commonly used fabric for baby blankets because it is often very soft and accessible. The material can be used as the base material in blankets, terry towels and hydrophilic blankets.

  • breathable
  • soft
  • absorbs well: ideal for terry towelling or hydrophilic cloths
  • suitable for every season – available in different thicknesses
  • Can also be used for drying, swaddling, decoration, etc.

A fan of cotton? Then be sure to check out the cellular blanket (100% cotton) or the soft cotton blanket (double layer of hydrophilic cotton) from Elodie. Both are a perfect size, measuring 75 cm x 100 cm.

baby blanket wool

Wool – it’s not just for winter!

Wool and knitted wear or accessories are once again becoming more popular. This fabric is often used for winter items, but is actually a really nice material on warmer days as well! Wool regulates moisture and temperature really well.

  • breathable
  • soft
  • moisture-regulating
  • heats and cools depending on the outside temperature
  • long-lasting, if properly cared for and maintained

Fancy a wool blanket for your little one? This knitted wool blanket by Elodie combines wool (40%) with cotton (60%) for the ultimate material composition.

baby blanket Pearl Velvet

Pearl Velvet

Pearl velvet is as soft as velvet and as warm as fleece. The Pearl Velvet baby blanket (100% polyester) is a long-term favourite with Elodie because it can be used for generations without deteriorating in quality!

  • super soft
  • moisture-absorbent
  • warm
  • no pilling
  • durable: made to last for years
baby blanket bamboo


Bamboo is being increasingly used in clothing and baby products. The material has many interesting properties. Furthermore, bamboo is a fast-growing plant that does not require much water, so it can be produced in an environmentally friendly manner!

  • soft
  • breathable
  • temperature-regulating
  • very high absorbency.

A fan of bamboo? The bamboo muslin blankets from Elodie offer a great mix of bamboo fibres (50%) and cotton (50%). Just like the other blankets from Elodie, this one can be washed at 30°C.

Tip: Pay attention to the label when choosing a baby blanket. Does it mention the Oeko-Tex 100 standard? If so, your choice has been extensively tested for harmful substances and allergic reactions, so you can be sure that it is completely babyproof!

Elodie's blankets are popular with lots of parents because they are so diverse and multi-functional. Whether you opt for a plain woollen version or a hydrophilic cotton one with a nice print... each blanket has its own features and design, but they all make you feel cosy and snuggly! ;-)

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