5 new, innovative products for babies

At BABYmatters, you'll find innovative baby items that should definitely make it on to your baby registry or birth list. In 2021, we welcomed no less than five products that had an unusual design. These five baby items make life easier for moms, dads and babies.

Weighing and washing your baby with AquaScale by Baby Patent

The AquaScale bath from Baby Patent is a unique baby bathtub that allows parents to weigh their baby while bathing them. During the first few months, it’s important that your baby gains weight. Using the AquaScale bathtub's built-in scale, parents can easily and confidently monitor their baby's weight.

The silicone non-slip area and removable pad ensure that your baby can lie safely and will not slip. The baby bath also has a built-in water thermometer. The AquaScale bathtub can be used from when your child is born until they reach the age of about 2 years old.

What makes the Baby Patent baby bath so innovative?

  • Integrated scale
  • Built-in water thermometer
  • Non-slip area and removable pad to prevent slipping.
  • To be used from when your child is born until they reach the age of about 2 years old.


Super sturdy bouncer with antibacterial fabric

The 3DKnit™ Bouncer is the innovative bouncer from Bombol. The sturdy frame made from aerospace aluminium makes this bouncer not only for suitable for babies from birth, but also for children up to 5 years of age! Better yet, it uses breathable 3D woven, anti-bacterial yarn which means you don’t need to use a cover.

The unique design ensures a comfortable, ergonomic position where your baby's legs will always stay at an angle of more than 90°. The Dynamic Backrest™ is easy to adjust without waking your slumbering little one. The Bombol bouncer is available in a light grey and denim blue colour.

What makes the Bombol Bouncer so innovative?

  • Super sturdy frame in aerospace aluminium
  • Made from antibacterial and breathable fabric.
  • Ergonomic position: legs always at an angle of > 90°.
  • Sustainable, you can use it for kids up to 5 years old.

Compact booster seat

The Pop-Up™ Booster is the first booster seat that folds down to the size of a tablet, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go and install it in seconds. The convenient strap means it will fit almost any chair, and the harness makes the booster seat extra safe for your child.

The booster seat is suitable for infants from the age of 6 months and up, and it can seat children that weigh up to 75 kg thanks to its three-dimensional structure. The Pop-Up™ Booster is available in a light grey and denim blue colour.

What makes the Bombol booster seat so special?

  • Super compact format
  • Very sturdy (can hold weights up to 75 kg)


Bombol booster seat Blast UV disinfector

Efficient sterilizer with UV-C rays

Want to sterilise and disinfect items in just 5 minutes? With the Blast UV, you can easily sterilise various items 'on the go'. With its UV-C rays, the Blast UV™ kills 99.99% of viruses (such as Covid-19 and similar) as well as bacteria.

Thanks to its clever design, the Blast UV™ can be folded down to the size of a wallet in just seconds. So you can use this safe, compact and convenient steriliser to quickly make sure items like a baby bottle, dummy, glasses, smartphone or other items are bacteria-free.

What makes this Blast UV™ steriliser from Bombol so innovative?

  • Unlike other sterilisers, it kills up to 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria.
  • Compact wallet size
  • Three safety mechanisms ensure that the radiation remains in the box: strong magnets in the closing mechanism, sensors, and use of Porex Virtek® on the inside.
Elodie convertible footmuff

2-in-1 footmuff from Elodie

This Elodie 2-in-1 footmuff is both a soft buggy cushion and a footmuff that can be used all year-round. The basis is a soft buggy cushion that you transform into a warm footmuff in no time. This universal footmuff fits any buggy and makes a walk with your family extra cosy and comfortable for your child. This 2-in-1 footmuff comes in three colours – discover them here!

What makes this footmuff from Elodie so innovative?

  • Foot muff and soft buggy cushion in one.
  • Can be used all year round.

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