Pop-up™ Booster: the super-compact booster seat from Bombol

Do you like going out with your family or regularly going on family trips? This foldable seat booster from Bombol will take you everywhere! We asked 3 families to test the Pop-Up™ Booster for us – here’s what they thought of it!

Bombol’s Pop-up™ Booster is easy to take anywhere. The booster seat can be installed onto almost any chair and it has a unique origami-like structure that makes it very compact to fold down. It has a dirt and odour-resistant coating and is therefore very easy to clean. It can also carry a weight of up to 75kg!

Yana's, Naomi's and Melissa's children tested the booster seat for us.

Yana, uses the Pop-Up™ Booster by Bombol for her 18 month old daughter Axelle: "We use the booster seat everywhere – when visiting family and friends, at restaurants, when travelling and sometimes at home. It's a standard fixture in our car so we always have it to hand when we're planning an outing or family visit."


  • Super compact
  • Beautiful design
  • Neutral colour
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Sturdy & safe
  • User-friendly
Reviews & experiences Bombol Booster Seat

Naomi has a 2 year old daughter, Billie, and she takes the Pop-Up™ Booster with her in her changing bag. "We are really pleased with Bombol booster seat! It folds up very compactly, looks nice and you can install it on any chair. We don’t just use the Pop-Up™ Booster for travelling, but at home as well when we have children to visit. Other parents are always very excited and curious because the booster seat has such a strikingly practical design!"


  • Super compact
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits in our changing bag
  • Easy to carry

Melissa's twins are nearly 2 years old and they use the Bombol booster seat at home and on holiday. “We frequently use the Bombol Pop-Up™ Booster at home. It saves us a lot of space because we can install the seats on our dining room chairs. Our little sons are so cute sitting at the table with us, just like Mum and Dad."


  • Very comfortable
  • Plenty of room for legs
  • Can be installed on any chair
  • Grows with the children
  • Takes up less space than a high chair
  • Convenient carrying bag to take the Pop-Up Booster with you

This compact booster seat from Bombol has everything you need to make family life as easy and comfortable as possible. It's also super handy during the holiday season because you can easily take the Pop-Up™ Booster with you from family party to family party! This way, your child will always be able to join you at the table. Discover this unique, compact dining chair.

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