How to make the kids’ table at Christmas actually kid-friendly

Christmas holidays and the time leading up to the end of the year can be tough on children... and if you have children! They eat food they’re not used to and end up sitting at the children's table with other little ones they might not know very well. And then they have to behave well, too! Here are a few tips for making the kids’ table the best seat in the house!

Compact high chair

The Bombol Pop-Up™ booster chair means you’ll no longer have to lug a large dining chair from Christmas party to Christmas party. This booster seat can be taken anywhere, quickly and easily installed on any chair, and then folded away compactly after use!

One of its huge plus points is that the fabric of the Bombol Pop-Up Booster is super easy to maintain and can be cleaned in next to no time using a damp cloth.

Christmas table with children

Analysing the meal

Children often enjoy dissecting their meal down to the smallest details, and even the magic of Christmas doesn't change that. So instead of giving them a piece of turkey dipped in mashed potatoes topped with cranberry sauce and gravy, your child might prefer to see their meal broken down into separate parts.

A large (unbreakable) kid's plate like the OXO Tot silicone plate is ideal for dividing up a feast into different portions for picky eaters. (Give it time... one day they'll see how great it is to pour gravy over every Christmas meal!)

A tantrum-free and spill-free meal

Even the prospect of overturned drinks won't stop you this Christmas – the soft spout cup from OXO Tot means little ones won’t spill their drinks until they are ready to use an open cup.

Wipe away party food from your little one’s mouth with Elodie's cotton napkins. These make a luxurious, kid-friendly addition to any party table.

Is life at the dining table still a little messy? Make sure your children's party outfits stay lovely and clean with a stylish, festive Elodie bib or a practical bib with a silicone pocket from OXO Tot.

Christmas gift toys TIMIO MODU

Being busy makes you happy

Eating times with children are often anything but relaxing. It’s normally a case of eat a little, run around the house three times, poke a family member in the face... then repeat all over again.

Make sure you have something to hand to occupy children, such as toys, board games or fun activities. MODU’s soft blocks are open-ended toys that are great for children of different ages to use when playing together. Or how about the TIMIO audio player? Just add headphones and you can entertain two children at the same time with music, stories, quizzes, and more.

Do you prefer to keep the kids sitting at the table? Find some fun Christmas colouring-in sheets online, a handful of pencils and get colouring! Being busy makes children happy and it also means that you can focus on other things and enjoy the party.

These hints and tips might need a little extra effort in terms of preparation, but it will save you a whole of lot of worry on the day itself. Shop for all your essentials for a great child-friendly end of year here!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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