Tips for grandparents: three personal and thoughtful Christmas gifts!

This blog post goes out to all the granddads, grandmas, nanas, gramps, and grannies of this world! If you want to surprise your grandchild with a personal gift during the holidays, we are here to help you. Or perhaps your daughter or daughter-in-law is pregnant and you’re looking for just the right present to give her. We have put together three tips for you!

1. BeSafe Pregnant: a great gift for parents-to-be

Perhaps you have just learnt that your son or daughter is expecting. That’s fantastic, congratulations! If you want to congratulate them with an original and yet very thoughtful present, the BeSafe Pregnant is perfect!

The BeSafe Pregnant is a special seatbelt adjuster for pregnant women. This accessory will keep the car’s seatbelt comfortably low, below the belly. It prevents the lap belt from suddenly pressing against the belly in the event of a collision or when braking abruptly.

Giving the BeSafe Pregnant is basically giving the gift of safety, a perfect way to start protecting and indulging your future grandchild now.

2. A BeSafe Haven carrier: the ideal gift for a grandchild that is on its way

The BeSafe Pregnant is a gift for your daughter or daughter-in-law, but what if you want to give the baby in her belly a present as well? That is when the ergonomic BeSafe Haven carrier makes a very valuable gift. After all, did you know that carrying babies on your chest increases bonding between parent and child? And also between... grandparent and grandchild. So, if you also intend to carry your grandson or granddaughter in a safe carrier, the BeSafe Haven is a great idea.

By giving your unborn grandchild the safe and ergonomic BeSafe Haven carrier, you as a grandparent are basically already creating a safe place for when you can actually welcome that cute little baby!

BeSafe Pregnant and Haven babycarrier

3. children's cutlery set by Elodie: a festive table every day!

And finally, you may already have a bunch of grandchildren. If you do, a packed dinner table with cute little faces all around it, lots of laughter and, let's be honest, kids making a mess here and there is probably something you are familiar with. Is there anything more enjoyable for you as a grandparent than getting everyone together at the table for a nice meal? The super festive children's cutlery set let you turn every meal with your grandchildren into a feast, even long after the holidays.

Do not hesitate to indulge them with Elodie’s beautiful cutlery, the elegant and eco-friendly napkins, and the stylish bibs

Tip: Did you know that you can have your grandchildren’s names engraved in the cutlery and napkin rings? And you can also add a personal touch to the napkins by having their names embroidered on them. It all makes for a unique personalised gift for each grandchild and there will never again be any discussion over whose napkin or cutlery it is!

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