The first car seat with integrated breathable fabric

With this Peak Mesh car seat, the Norwegian brand has developed a brand new range of i-Size car seats that incorporate 3D breathable mesh fabric. Great news, because on hot days, you no longer need to use a separate insert with your car seat!

BeSafe’s goal is to create new, smart solutions to make the lives of parents and children easier, safer, and more comfortable. The new Peak Mesh car seat is proof that the BeSafe developers have come up with yet another innovation to ensure that car travel for children remains comfortable, even on hot days.

Peak Mesh fabric BeSafe

Up to 8x better airflow

3D mesh is an open structure fabric that creates layers of air, ensuring that heat and moisture are properly wicked away so that your baby will not suffer from a hot back. Choosing light grey for the colour of the Peak Mesh range is a sensible option as it helps to keep the car seat as cool as possible.

At the moment, parents often have to resort to using a separate insert, summer cover or car seat cover to try and prevent sweaty backs, but the Peak Mesh fabric simply creates an extra layer of air between the car seat and the child's back. By directly integrating the 3D mesh material, the entire car seat becomes ‘breathable’.

And there’s more good news, because there will also be a BeSafe Haven baby carrier in Peak Mesh – perfect for walking on hot summer days!

There is currently a Peak Mesh version available of the following BeSafe products:

  • iZi Go Modular X1 i-Size
  • iZi Modular (A) X1 i-Size
  • iZi Twist i-Size
  • iZi Turn i-Size
  • iZi Flex Fix i-Size
  • BeSafe Haven baby carrier (near the end of April)

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