BeSafe Stretch: the safest rear-facing car seat for baby up to 7 years of age

Meet the latest invention of the Norwegian family company BeSafe: the Stretch! With more than 50 years of expertise in car seats, they developed the safest rear-facing car seat for babies (6 months) to seven years! Unique on the market! This car seat grows with your child and remains comfortable and safe at all times. Why is rear facing so good? How did the Stretch come about? And, what are the plus points of this new seat? Find out here.  

On the road to the Stretch

BeSafe started making car seats in 1963. They used these years of expertise to develop a seat that scores excellent on the toughest crash tests and is usable up to 7 years old! How is this possible? The Stretch can hold up to 36kg and offers plenty of legroom for older children. No other car seat manufacturer achieved this!  The impact during a frontal collision is optimally carried by the specially designed frame and the support in the shell. The BeSafe Stretch is one of a kind and super safe for your growing baby/child.

Did you know... the BeSafe Stretch passed the strictest crash test in the world, the Swedish PLUS test? Why is this the most stringent test?

  • The PLUS test has a much lower limit for maximum neck load than other car seat tests.
  • For the frontal impact, it tests for a very short and hard braking distance, this makes the impact much more severe than other test scenarios.
  • The test is so strict that car seats facing the direction of travel have so far failed.

Discover the BeSafe Stretch in this product video.

BeSafe Stretch carseat from baby up to child 7 years rearward facing

Rearward facing

It is recommended to put your child in a rear-facing position at least until the age of 2 to 3. Nevertheless, many parents place their children facing the direction of travel too early. The longer you can transport your child rear-facing, the better! And they know this very well in Scandinavia. Rear-facing is the norm there! It is up to 5 times safer, with not a single child under the age of 4 dying in traffic in 2015 in Norway. In Belgium and the Netherlands we are unfortunately not that far yet, but the concept of 'rear-facing' is growing.

The main difference between rearward and forward facing is the impact on the child's neck. The weight of a baby's head counts for about 25% of the total weight. This makes the neck very fragile. In the case of 'against the direction of travel', the child is pushed into the seat at the start of the impact. Thus, the strongest forces are absorbed. In this crash test video you can see the difference.

Oh dear, rear-facing ... but then I can't see my child? Will my child be able to look outside? Won't my child get nauseous if he rides rear-facing? There are many misconceptions about rear-facing car seats. In this blog, we answer the most common questions.

From 6 months (61cm) up to 7 years (125cm)

A car seat that lasts from six months to seven years is not only durable but must also be flexible. Discover the components that make this possible:

  • Remove the extra cushion when needed
  • Raise the headrest in 10 positions
  • Extend the support to 26cm of legroom (unique on the market!)
  • On the passenger seat, there is still enough room for an adult.

See here how to install the BeSafe Stretch on the back seat and on the passenger seat.

BeSafe Stretch carseat baby child easy to install super safe seatbelt

Flexible installation

The Stretch is specifically designed to be flexible for parents to install. As the car seat grows with your baby for a long time, as a parent you like to have a seat that can be installed in any place in the car (except the driver's seat of course!). The Stretch is safely fastened with the seatbelt (no ISOfix) and therefore independent from the seat in the car. You can also place the Stretch at the front on the passenger seat. In addition, you can put the car seat in different reclining positions for naps. Moving around is also not a problem for your back, because with its 10kg the BeSafe Stretch is a real lightweight!

Durable innovation

BeSafe used durable materials for their Stretch such as aluminum and also EPP instead of EPS. EPP has a longer lifespan. The design of the car seat makes replacing parts even easier. The Stretch has an average life span of 15 years. Afterwards you can easily disassemble it and recycle the different parts.

Some ‘rearward facing car seat’ life hacks

There are some myths about putting your child in the car against the driving direction. We share some insights and tips that will make rear facing seats more enjoyable for you and your little one:

  1. Use a small car mirror to keep an eye on your child during the journey. That way, you don't have to turn your head every time either.
  2. The view out the window is even better backwards because trees and houses don't fly by. Make sure nothing is blocking the view for your child.
  3. Adjust the legroom in time for your growing child.
  4. Install the Stretch on the passenger seat to have your child closer to you during the first year.

Read more about "misconceptions about rear facing" in this blog

BeSafe Stretch carseat baby child rear-facing Scandinavian safety


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