How Belgian brand Yumi Yay lets parents and children enjoy little moments

NEW: The 3-in-1 mobile

The mobile is the newest addition to Yumi Yay! The mobile is not only a beautiful eye-catcher in the interior of your baby's room or nursery, it also has multiple functions and therefore a longer lifespan. When designing the mobile, Yumi Yay started from the growth phases of a baby, more specifically the sensory development from looking to feeling to playing. The 3-in-1 mobile stimulates your baby in these three areas. What exactly is this 3-in-1 mobile?

1. A wooden babymobile (look)
Hang the five wooden toys on the mobile and let your baby enjoy a spectacle. The colours and movement will attract his attention and stimulate his vision. Since a baby sees contrasts first, there are contrast elements you can add to the figures of the mobile. Your baby will thus be extra stimulated. The bright colours of the Yumi Yay animals are some of the first colours your baby learns to discover.

2. Five wooden toys (feel)
Let your baby play with the wooden figures of the mobile as soon as he starts to grasp and feel them. The four wooden Yumi Yay animals Otti, Finn, Tika and Billy are individually coloured and safe for baby's hands and mouth. There is also a wooden rattle for your baby to shake. Super nice for your baby to feel and play with.

3. A jigsaw puzzle (play)
Extra challenge for your baby with the Yumi Yay 3-in-1 mobile. The four wooden Yumi Yay animals each have their own place in the jigsaw puzzle. Can you find the right spots together with your baby?

A babymobile is stimulating and soothing for your baby. Thanks to the three functions of this mobile, it stimulates your child's development on several levels and for a longer period of time. Take the toys off the mobile to let your baby play, hang them back on the mobile afterwards or use them as puzzle pieces in the jigsaw puzzle. Change the function as desired.

You + me = YAY

Yumi Yay stands for 'you + me = yay'. Cosily enjoying the little moments in life together is what Yumi Yay is all about. Yumi Yay encourages parents and grandparents to create small moments with their children and grandchildren. In everyday busy life, there is often no time for connecting moments. Or rather, time is not easily given to them. Yet it is possible, even if very briefly, to create a ritual of small moments, such as an evening ritual.

Yumi Yay developed night lights, read-aloud books and a 3-in-1 mobile that can reinforce or shape small moments between parent and child.

Yumi Yay is 100% child-oriented

What attracts children? Colour, animals and playfulness. From this child-oriented vision, Yumi Yay started designing its products. The design of the products is FUNctional, safe in children's hands, colourful and playful. The four Yumi Yay animals were each given their own colour, character and story. The characters of the animals also lean towards the world of children. Read more about this below.

You can discover the full story of Yumi Yay here

Meet Otti, Finn, Tika en Billy

The four protagonists of Yumi Yay's products and stories are:

  • Otti the elephant
  • Finn the bird
  • Tika the monkey
  • Billy the bear

They each have their own character recognisable to children. Otti is sometimes a bit scared, Finn does not like cleaning up, Tika is an incorrigible joker and Billy does not like to take a bath. The four animals feature in all Yumi Yay products. Is your child a fan of Tika? Then you can also place the soft cover of this green monkey on the nightlight while reading Tika's story. With Yumi Yay's 3-in-1 mobile, you can use them as pendants for the mobile, as wooden toys or as puzzle pieces.

FUNctional nightlights

Yumi Yay's fun night lights are super FUN for your child! Let your child choose which soft silicone animal cover goes on the light and tap the light for the right light setting. Each nightlight comes with two animal covers. Choose between Otti & Finn and Billy & Tika! The nightlight's light modes include a timer: soft light all night, 20 minutes of light or 40 minutes of brighter light. As the nightlight is wireless, your child can easily take it with them in bed or to friends.

Some more fine features:

  • Totally safe: soft food-graded silicone covers, wireless, with LED light
  • Wireless charging on the bamboo charging station
  • Multifunctional animal covers: e.g. fun to make foam drinks in the bath with
  • Handy for parents: soft light during night feeds, a nice little moment between you and your baby
  • Shockproof

Bedtime stories with recognisable themes

Every Yumi Yay animal has its own story! All stories deal with themes that are recognisable to children and parents. The four stories are available in Dutch and French:

Reading aloud is good for your child, and the rule is the earlier you start, the better! The benefits in terms of language development and others are gifts your child will enjoy throughout their life. Read more about the benefits of reading aloud here.

Gift tip: Yumi Yay is a unique gift idea for a baby or child, and you also support a young Belgian company. Mix and match for a fun Yumi Yay gift set 😉

Play, read and sleep with Yumi Yay!

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