How to carry your newborn baby with a baby carrier?

Are you about to become a mom or dad? Then you may already know that skin-to-skin contact is very important after birth. One way to promote this is to carry your baby with a baby carrier. Why is carrying your baby a good idea? How long can you carry your child? And how do you recognize a good baby carrier? We are happy to help you in this blog.

When can you start carrying your baby?

You can carry your baby from birth. All babies need skin-to-skin contact and to be close to the parent. Everyone, young and old, has this skin hunger. Especially the little ones need plenty of skin contact. So, carrying your baby from birth is not a bad idea!

> Was your baby born premature? Several studies show the benefits of carrying premature babies. Carrying not only provides close contact, but it can also stimulate and strengthen your premature baby's muscles. Your movement can help develop your baby's brain and balance organ, which was somewhat missed due to preterm birth. Always consult carrying options with your treating pediatrician, physical therapist and/or another practitioner!

How long can you carry your child?

You can find the right baby carrier for every age: one especially for newborns, one that lasts from baby to toddler or one for preschoolers. Does your child no longer want to be in the baby carrier? Or has your child become too heavy for the baby carrier and you as a carrier? Then the time has come to stop carrying. Usually, this moment comes around the age of 2.

How to carry your newborn baby with a baby carrier?

Why choose to carry your baby?

Carrying your baby from birth has numerous advantages, not only for your child but also for you as a parent! Here we briefly discuss the following benefits:  

  • Satisfying skin hunger
    Closeness and skin contact reassures your baby and makes him feel safe. This sense of security creates a positive self-image that later forms the basis for a self-confident and confident personality. Research also shows that babies who are carried cry less often.
  • Stimulus for physical, psychosocial and emotional development
    Your baby is in a safe cocoon, close to mom or dad, discovering the world. By carrying your baby in a baby carrier, he indirectly participates in your activities as a wearer. From a safe place, he thus learns to communicate with the people and world around him. Carrying stimulates muscle and joint development through the M position and the opportunity to grasp, feel and squeeze. Make sure you buy a baby carrier that fully supports this M position! Read more about the ergonomic M position here
  • Bonding
    Being close to mom or dad creates a bond! From birth, you can carry your baby facing you on your belly, then facing the world or on your back. A baby carrier provides the ultimate opportunity to discover the world together, close to each other. This strengthens your bond.
  • Handy when breastfeeding
    Being close to your baby promotes the production of oxytocin and prolactin, beneficial if you are breastfeeding. In addition, you are more likely to catch your baby's hunger signals
  • Useful for parents
    • Handy at home while cleaning, drawing, etc. Especially with an older sibling in the house, a baby carrier comes in handy
    • ​Convenient during walks or trips: a baby carrier saves space (think of trips on public transport or visits to the store) and you can easily go off-road (no longer limited to the path)
    • Space-saving: a baby carrier takes up less space than a stroller and frees up your hands for other things.
How to carry your newborn baby with a baby carrier?

Why choose a baby carrier?

As with slings, you have good and not so good baby carriers on the market. Here we briefly discuss the reasons to use a good baby carrier.

A baby carrier is suitable for all parents, handy and not so handy parents 😉. Since a good baby carrier is already completely designed with the aim of carrying your child in an ergonomic and safe way, how to use it is often obvious for parents. As a parent, you can also be sure that there is little you can do wrong. Still, it is important to inform yourself about the ergonomic position of your child and how best to adjust the baby carrier accordingly: read more about it in the section "How to carry your baby properly".

Baby carriers are developed specifically for your child's age. Depending on the size and weight of your baby, you should choose a newborn carrier or a follow-up carrier. The latter is usually a baby carrier in which your child can be carried in multiple positions (on the stomach, facing out and on the back). Most ergonomic baby carriers also have options for adjusting the carrier. Thus, your child's ergonomic position is optimally supported at any age.

Good baby carriers are comfortable for both child and parent! Also for the parents, a lot of attention is paid to ergonomics in baby carriers. Your child's weight is absorbed in an optimal way. Think about a supportive waist belt, firm soft-touch shoulder straps, adjustable straps, etc.

A good baby carrier will last a long time and allows you to carry ergonomically in at least two and often three ways:

  • On your belly facing you (from birth)
  • On your belly facing out (from about 5 months)
  • On your back (from about 9 months)

Planning to purchase a baby carrier? Be well informed and always test your options before buying one. Click here to read the main pillars of a good baby carrier.

How to properly carry your baby?

Would you like to carry your baby? Then make sure you know all about ergonomic carrying and what is important to pay attention to when carrying your child. Check out the most important aspects here:

Our choice for your baby's first baby carrier: BeSafe Newborn Haven

After the well-known Haven baby carrier, Norwegian company BeSafe has now developed a version especially for newborn babies: Newborn Haven. The ideal way to carry your baby during the first year. This baby carrier for newborns is as soft as a sling but retains the user-friendliness of the Haven baby carrier. The Newborn Haven baby carrier is safe, easy to use and ergonomic for both child and parent. Discover the Newborn Haven here.

How to carry your newborn baby with a baby carrier? - BeSafe Newborn Haven

Our choice for a multi-position baby carrier: BeSafe Haven

Looking for a baby carrier that allows you to carry your baby in multiple positions? From the time your baby is about 4 weeks old (55 cm) you can use the BeSafe Haven baby carrier. This carrier has three ergonomic carrying positions: on your belly facing you, on your belly facing out and on your back. The baby carrier, just like the new Newborn Haven, was developed in collaboration with the German Die Trageschule, experts in ergonomic carrying. So, you can be sure that you have an ergonomically sound baby carrier. The BeSafe Haven can be used up to a maximum of 15 kg. The Haven is a comfortable, safe, and simple carrier. Find out more here.

How to carry your newborn baby with a baby carrier? - baby carrier from 4 weeks BeSafe Haven


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