Everything about ergonomic baby carriers and the M-position

When you are planning to buy a baby carrier for the first time, you often read about an ‘ergonomic baby wearing position’ and ‘the M-position’. But what exactly do these terms mean? What is the correct way to carry your baby or child? Our tips will show you whether that hip baby carrier you found is also a good carrier for your baby!

The importance of a good position

Why is a correct carrier position so important? A good carrier position supports the physical development of your baby. The wrong position can hamper this development and can lead to hip dysplasia, a deformity of the hips where the head of the hip is not correctly positioned in the hip socket.

To avoid this problem, it is important to follow a few rules when you are using a baby or child carrier. The 5-star position, developed by ‘Die Trageschule’ is the perfect starting principle:

1 * Your child’s posture is centred around the bum and thighs: his weight should be supported by his buttocks, thighs and back and should be nicely distributed over the shoulders, hips and back of the wearer.

2 * Your baby is sitting nice and ‘deep’ in the baby carrier. You can ensure your baby adopts this position by sliding your hands under your baby’s buttocks and tilting his hips towards you

3 * The M-position helps the hips develop well and avoid hip dysplasia. In this position, the baby’s legs are spread outward (angle < 30°) away from the spine and the hips are tilted (see 2*). The knees are clearly higher than the pelvis.

4 * The arms are folded upwards, so your child can react alertly and move around optimally.

5 * Your baby adopts a natural posture, where his head is in line with his spine and he has enough space to breathe freely at all times.

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