Washing and weighing your baby with AquaScale baby bath

Your baby's growth is one of the most exciting things you face as a new mom or dad. That is why it is good to keep track of your baby's weight and length. With the AquaScale bath from Baby Patent you not only get a baby bath at home, but also a handy baby scale!

Why weigh your baby?

Under the guise of 'measuring is knowing'. Weight is a very good indicator of whether your baby is healthy or not. It is normal for your baby to lose some weight after birth. Your baby needs to get used to the world outside of mommy's belly and his new milk feeds. With a baby scale, you can keep an eye on your baby at home to see if he is gaining weight again.

Was your child born prematurely? A premature baby is extra vulnerable and is often on the lowest standard growth curves. Therefore a separate growth curve is used which takes into account the number of weeks of prematurity. They have a lot of growth to catch up with, which is why it's recommended to keep track of the baby's weight extra carefully in case of a premature birth.

With artificial milk, you can see exactly how much your child has or has not drunk from its bottle. If you are breastfeeding or your child suffers from reflux, it is difficult to see how much milk your child is taking in and keeping up. Weighing your baby at home will give you a better idea of this!

If you weigh your baby regularly, you will know when there are major fluctuations in its weight. Is your baby suddenly gaining or losing a lot of weight and are you worried? Then you can intervene quickly and schedule a check-up appointment with the paediatrician to see whether there is any medical cause.

Nothing is as sad as a sick baby. When your baby vomits a lot or suffers from diarrhoea, young babies lose a lot of body weight. It is therefore useful to be able to weigh your baby at home.

How can you weigh your baby?

A baby scale is the most accurate and safest way to weigh your baby. Every gram counts, especially for a newborn or premature baby. Moreover, your baby cannot roll away. This way, you always have an overview of your baby's weight between visits to the pediatrician or 'Kind en Gezin'.

The AquaScale bathtub has integrated weighing features and an internal memory. So if you don't have a pen and paper handy, you can easily store the weight until the next weighing time.

Aqua Scale baby bath

Tips for weighing your baby:

  • Weigh your baby at a fixed time. The weight varies greatly at any time of the day.
  • Do you want to know how much your baby has drunk? Weigh your child before and after feeding. This will give you an idea of how much your little one has eaten.

Of course, AquaScale is not only a handy baby scale, but it also has a lot of advantages as a baby bath. The advantages of the AquaScale baby bath at a glance:

  • A baby bath is a must-have for washing your newborn baby safely.
  • The silicone anti-slip zone ensures that your baby lies securely and prevents slipping.
  • Accurate water thermometer is integrated so that you always have the perfect water temperature for your baby.
  • A separate safety stand is available, useful for washing your baby safely at the ideal height.
  • Don't have a bath at home? AquaScale has a removable insert that enlarges the seating area of the bathtub. In this way, you can use the AquaScale until your child is approximately 2 years old.

The AquaScale baby bathtub kills two birds with one stone: it allows you to wash your baby safely and it weighs him/her down right at home. Order the AquaScale bathtub now or put it on your birth list or baby equipment list! 😊

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