BeSafe 3D Mesh: breathable fabric for car seats and baby carriers

Scandinavian family company BeSafe launched a brand new line of car seats and baby carriers in 2021 featuring a breathable fabric. This mesh fabric consists of three different layers that increase air flow, making car journeys and babywearing more comfortable. We are happy to explain exactly how this works.

BeSafe is known for its safe car seats that allow you to transport your child rearfaced for longer periods of time. The brand is constantly looking for technologies and ways to make car travel as comfortable and safe as possible for parents and children.

Comfortable travelling and carrying baby all year round

Do you regularly go out, on a holiday or on a weekend trip by car? Then it is important that every car journey is as comfortable as possible for you and your child. Even in cars with a good air conditioning system, children tend to sweat more in their child car seat.

Even when you carry your child in a baby carrier in high temperatures, you should prefer a light baby carrier that transports heat and moisture away from your baby.

BeSafe's 3D mesh fabric answers this need and increases the airflow and breathability of the BeSafe car seats and baby carrier. This makes carrying a baby and travelling by car more comfortable for you and your child.

BeSafe car seat with breathable fabric

3 breathable layers

A car seat and baby carrier with breathable fabric, it exists at BeSafe! The breathable 3D mesh structure improves the air flow and increases air permeability to 8 times the amount of sweat on the back of the child. The honeycomb structure of the top layer provides a sturdy, durable finish.

Top layer

  • Repels moisture and heat
  • Firm and durable
  • Knitted honeycomb structure


  • Draws moisture and heat away from the top layer.
  • 3D structure provides airflow between layers
  • Elasticity provides cushioning support

Bottom layer

  • Stable support
  • Moisture and heat dissipation

Inner material Port carry

  • Light, airy materials: 47% cotton, 45% Tencel, 7% linen, 1% spandex
  • Feels soft and absorbs moisture

The Breathable Mesh version from BeSafe exists in 2 different colours, Peak Mesh (light grey) and Anthracite Mesh and is available in the following BeSafe car seats: iZi Go Modular X1 i-Size, iZi Modular A X1 i-Size, iZi Turn i-Size, iZi Turn B i-Size and iZi Flex Fix i-Size. There is also a Peak Mesh version of the BeSafe Haven baby carrier available.

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