Elodie's Mondo stroller: compact, hip & super handy

A practical and compact buggy is essential when you go out for a walk or go on a trip with your family. Our Mondo stroller by Elodie has everything you and your baby need for a comfortable and stylish walk!

Are you looking for a light and compact buggy that you can easily take with you wherever you go? The colourful Mondo buggy has much more to offer than just a great look, it's also super convenient to use.

Did you know that...

1. ... you can use the Mondo from birth?

The compact Elodie carrycot helps you to create a cosy nest for your baby. Inside is a soft mattress with a washable cover.

The sunshade provides UV 50+ protection from the sun and features a hatch that allows the air to come through it. The top of the carrycot can be partially erected as a windbreak and can be easily unzipped.

Once your baby is 6 months old (or weighs 9 kg) you can remove the carrycot and use the Mondo until your child reaches a weight of 22 kg. Another great plus point is that you can fold up the Elodie carrycot to save space at home and when on the go.

This way, the Mondo is the only (light!) stroller you need, helping you to save the cost of getting a heavy stroller!

2. ... you can easily click a baby car seat on the Mondo?
Thanks to the handy car seat adapters, you can transport your baby from the car to your destination. All without waking them up from a nap!

3. ... the stroller is really lightweight?
The Mondo weighs only 6.8 kg!

4. ... it can be used until your child weighs 22 kg?
This means you can use the buggy for years, from birth until pre-school!

5. ... the Mondo folds to a really compact size with just one hand?
As a result, it doesn't clutter the hall and it hardly takes up any space in the car.

Elodie compact stroller Mondo

6. ... the Mondo stroller was approved as carry-on luggage on a plane or train?
This makes it easy to drive your little one to the gate or platform, and then quickly fold the buggy up again.

7. ... this buggy features a large UPF 50+ sun canopy?
This will protect your little one from harmful sun rays or heavy showers.

8. ... the Mondo has a large storage basket at the bottom?
In addition, you receive a handy carrying bag that fits perfectly in the storage basket!

9. ... the beautiful upholstery is made from 100% recycled polyester and that the leather accessories are made from vegan leather?
So the Mondo not only looks beautiful, it's sustainable too! You can also remove the cover completely and wash it in the washing machine.

Elodie Mondo stroller accessories

10. ... there are six useful accessories available for the Mondo? Other than the car seat adapters there is also:

  • A reversible seat cushion to make your little one extra comfortable. This 'cosy cushion' keeps the Mondo clean and has a fresh summer side and a warmer winter side. The seat cushions are available in different colours and prints so you can jazz up your buggy while you're at it.
  • A safety bar to give your little one an extra sense of security. As soon as your child can sit up by themselves, they may need something to hold on to. And for smaller children, the bar is handy for attaching hanging toys!
  • A travel bag, so you can easily take the Mondo anywhere. Perfect for when you don't need your buggy for a while or when you go on holiday by car, plane, train...
  • Cute rain covers to keep your child dry during a downpour. The Elodie rain cover is universal and fits most compact buggies. With the viewing window you can always keep an eye on your little one.
  • The universal mosquito net to keep mosquitoes and other pesky insects at bay.

The Elodie Mondo stroller is so sturdy, hip and of such high quality that it is suitable from birth until your child is a toddler. This makes the buggy a real must-have for any family with young children! Find your favourite print or colour here.

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