5 tips for carrying your baby in a baby carrier

With the BeSafe 5*plan and advice from the German Trageschule (experts on carrying children), you’re sure to find the ideal carrying position. Do you find you have difficulties in adjusting the baby carrier? Or does it seem that your child is not sitting quite right in the baby carrier? Here are some additional hints and tips you might like to remember when carrying your baby!

1. Correct support of your child’s head

Is your baby’s entire head well supported while you’re carrying them? Is their neck supported properly when your baby is awake? If not, you may need to add some additional support. For example, many baby carriers have a "flap" that you can fold up. You can also use a rolled-up hydrophilic cloth/tetra cloth or sunshade to provide extra support.

2. Good adjustment of the baby carrier

Don't overstretch the baby carrier: make sure your child still has enough room to move his or her head and to breathe freely. Approximately two fingers of space between the baby's chin and the chest of the person carrying them should be enough. Your child should be at perfect ‘kissing height’.

BABYmatters tip: Does your baby snore or wheeze? If so, it could be the case that their airways are not completely free and so you can give them some more space by loosening the straps.

3. Other carrying positions

Is your child getting bigger and stronger? Do you think you might need to carry them facing outwards or on your back? Then it might be useful to have a look at the manual or online videos with instructions. You can find other practical tips on whether your child is ready for a new carrying position as well as discovering what adjustments you need to make to set up the baby carrier correctly.

BABYmatters tip: If you carry your child on your belly with their face outwards, it is important that you tilt your child's pelvis forwards. You do this by putting your hands under your little one's bottom and pushing their buttocks upwards/forwards.

4. Comfortable for your child AND you!

While carrying your baby on your belly or back you shouldn't really feel the extra weight. When your child is in the correct carrying position, the straps can be optimally tightened so that you always feel comfortable when carrying them!

BABYmatters tip: Make sure you can easily tighten the straps and that they feel good, too. Removable Comfort Pads that make carrying extra comfortable for the wearer are a good idea!

5. Frog position for healthy hips

Are your baby's legs fully extended or hanging down? If so, their knees are not supported enough at the moment and they can’t (yet) adopt a good frog position. In this position, your child's knees are higher than their bottom, which is a healthier position for your child's hips and legs.

BABYmatters tip: do you carry your baby on your belly with them facing outwards? Then make sure they are in the right position. You can also choose a baby carrier with an integrated inflatable cushion that assists with creating a good position.

Want to be sure you're purchasing an ergonomic baby carrier? Then you’ve definitely made the right choice with our Haven baby carriers from BeSafe!


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