BeSafe and TIMIO nominated for the Baby Innovation Award 2021!

Two nominations for the Baby Innovation Award 2021! We are happy to announce that both the BeSafe car seat iZi Modular A X1 i-Size in Peak Mesh and the TIMIO Player have been nominated. What is the Baby Innovation Award? And why do our products deserve these nominations? Read more about it here!

The Baby Innovation Award is 'the' annual event for the baby industry that shines a spotlight on the most innovative baby products. It is organised by the magazine BabyWereld in collaboration with the Negenmaandenbeurs.

The Baby Innovation Award includes six categories:

  • Mobility
  • Travel & Safety
  • Feeding
  • Care
  • Furniture & Deco
  • Toys & Gifts

There is one prize for each category. There are also three more Awards to be won:

  • The Green Award is presented to the most innovative product in terms of sustainability and ecology.
  • The Design Award is given, as the name suggests, to the product with the best product design and concept design.
  • The Consumer Award is presented to the public's favourite product. You can vote from 17 May 2021!


Baby Innovation Award 2021 TIMIO toy gift audio player educational

TIMIO Player

The TIMIO Player was nominated in the Toys & Gifts category. It is 'the' interactive and educational audio and music player for children! TIMIO only uses sound and LED lights, no screen or moving images. This teaches children to listen attentively and it is also better for the eyes.

Choose a magnetic disc and discover the alphabet, the colours, animal sounds, songs etc. And this in 8 languages! The design is simple and robust, and therefore suitable for little hands. You can easily take the TIMIO Player out and about, and plug in headphones if you like! 

"Truly a new type of toy that's very durable and doesn't break easily. It's easy to carry around, it entertains and educates children. Works with sound and LED lights, so not another overdose of moving images, much better for children's eyes" - the jury said.

That's why the TIMIO Player is today's must-have toy. Perfect to buy it yourself or as a present for someone else. Discover more about it here!


Baby Innovation Award 2021 iZi Modular A X1 Peak Mesh car seat

iZi Modular A X1 i-Size car seat in Peak Mesh

The iZi Modular A X1 i-Size rotating seat in the new Peak Mesh fabric received a nomination in the Mobility category. For this new car seat BeSafe took safety (Active Retract Harness) and comfort (3D Peak Mesh) to a new level.

The iZi Modular A X1 i-Size car seat has an Active Retract Harness with belt retractors that make it really easy for parents to buckle up their child in the car seat. All you have to do is click the belt into the buckle and activate the mechanism!

In addition, BeSafe created the first car seat with integrated breathable fabric. With the 3D Peak Mesh fabric, the chair offers up to eight times higher air permeability! This ensures that children stay comfortable during long car trips, even on hot days.

3D Peak Mesh is a fabric with an open structure, which creates layers through which air can flow freely. This way, heat and moisture are led away from the child, making sure that it doesn't get a hot back. Even the colour of the Peak Mesh range, grey, is a considered choice to keep the car seat as cool as possible.

The iZi Modular A X1 i-Size has been approved in accordance with the UN R129-02 safety standard and was recently voted the safest car seat in the ADAC/Stiftung Warentest! 

"This product really is a solution to a big problem, because often parents don't fasten the seat belts properly. It is not just about one product, but about the whole technique. Along with the integrated breathable fabric, this car seat certainly deserves a nomination" - according to the jury.

--- Are you a TIMIO and BeSafe fan like us? Cast your vote for both products via this link (Belgium and the Netherlands only)! ---


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